As the new “American Idol” continues to search for more singing hopefuls, Katy, Luke, and Lionel travel to Savannah, Georgia to get the next round of auditions started.

Crstal Alicea got the auditions started with her version of the Sam Smith song “Lay Me Down”. Lionel said it was very good and refreshing; adding that Crystal is likable. Luke said she did a good job. Katy said that Crystal had a fantastic personality; adding that Crystal has something very special. Crystal got her ticket to Hollywood.

After a chair malfunctioin for Lionel and an encounter with a whoopie cushion, Texas native and cowgirl Kristyn Harris performed for the judges including some yodeling. Luke and Katy were trying to country dance. Luke kept saying he loved it; adding that she is a one woman show. Katy said that Kristyn had a unique delivery; adding she didn’t think it was “American Idol” stuff. Lionel wasn’t sure where her voice fit, but in the end Kristyn got her ticket to Hollywod.

Back to New York City with Johnny Brenns and an original song for his audition. Luke said Johnny had a good voice but wanted more of a Michael Buble sound from Johnny -telling him to dig in. Luke said that Johnny had a great beautiful voice. Lionel said that if he had more time to work with Johnny it would be a yes, but not right now. Katy said that Johnny needs a lot of work but there is something there and gave Johnny a yes…and a ticket to Hollywood.

Back to Los Angeles for Ricky Manning and an original song for his audition. Katy called Ricky an exceptional songwriter. Lionel called him a songwriter. Luke said that Ricky was really good. Ricky hot his ticket Hollywood.

After a series of no clips, Effie Passero played the piano while she sang an original song. Luke called Effie a secret weapon and Luke said that she was a patriot missle. Katy said that she couldn’t wait to see more. Effie got her ticket for Hollywood.

Back to Savannah where Tyler Gordon didn’t quite have enough to get his ticket for Hollywood but the judges did admit he was very close.

Johnny White sang “This is a Man’s World” for his audition. Lionel asked Johnny to dial it back and sing a second song. Lionel stood behind Johnn with his hands on Johnn’s shoulders. Luke called Johnn inspiring. Katy called Johnny top 10 material. Johnny got three yeses and his ticket to Hollywood.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson sang “If it Hadn’t Been for Love” by the Steel Drivers for his auditon. Lionel said that Caleb’s voice is way above his age. Katy like the texture and vibrato in Caleb’s voice; adding that he seems really centered. Luke noted that Caleb had a big voice. Caleb got three yeses…and his ticket to Hollywood.

Shannon O’Hara played the piano while singing Adele for her audition. Lionel noted that Shannon was interesting. Katy called Shannon an old soul with an exceptional voice. Luke called Shannon a songbird. Shannon got her ticket to Hollywood.

Back in Los Angeles with the daughter of songwriter Jack Hammer, Amelia Hammer Harris is looking carry on the family legacy. She sang “Give Me Shelter” for her audition. Lionel said that she has a sultry voice. Katy is surprised that Amelia is not already a star; adding she is top 10 material. Luke loved her and called her a put together artist. Lionel wanted to see what she is going to do next. Amelia got her ticket to Hollywood.

Ryan Zamo attempted the Sara Barellis song “Gravity” for his audition. Ryan did not get his ticket to Hollywood.

Malibou twins Julian and Milo Sposato took on Bruno Mars for their audition that included a little trumpet playing and guitar accompaniment by Pops Sposato. Katy thought it was cool that they were into music. Luke called tham amazingly interesting. The boys got their tickets to Hollywood.

Les Greene chose the Sam Cooke song “A Change is Gonna Come” for his audition. Luke called Les raw rugged and full speed ahead. Katy loved Les’ personal style. Les got his ticket to Hollywood.

In the final audition of the night, Idaho native Maddie Zahm chose to perform Dua Lupa for her audition. Katy called Maddie an incredible woman; adding that she had a set of pipes on her. Maddie got three yeses and a ticket to Hollywood.

Idol returns on Monday with more auditions.