A new season of “The Voice” begins with a new coach and a new group of singing hopefuls.

Season 14 brings back Adam Levine and Blake Shelton with season 12 winning coach Alicia Keys and the original “American Idol” winner and three time Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson.

The new season also features new chairs…and a big twist. The chairs have a blcok button that allows each coach one chance to block a fellow coach from getting a singer. But the blocked coach will not know right away that they have been blcoked.

Getting the blind auditions started is Norht Carolina native Britton Buchanan his guitar for “Trouble”. Blake and Alicia pushed their buttons but someone blocked Adam. Blake said that it wasn’t him. Alicia called Britton genuine with honest in his music. Kelly said that Britton was good. Finally admitting that he blocked Adam, Blake said that Britton was intense in his performance. Britton chose Alicia to be his coach.

Kelly called Blake a good liar.

The next singer is 14 year old Brynn Cartelli with “Beneath Your Beautiful”. Kelly pushed her button but Blake waited until the last note before he turned his chair. Kelly said that Brynn has a lot of elements to her voice. Alicia added that Brynn has a beautiful voice. Blake noted that he has had more success with young female artists than any other coach on the show. Brynn chose Kelly to be her coach.

Cancer survivor Rayshaun LeMarr sings in the band The Sound Connecton. He chose the Journey hit “Don’t Stop Believing” for his audition and had Adam pushing his button after just a few notes with Alicia following right behind him. Adad called Rayshaun’s performance amazing and it is sheer blis to hear him sing. Alicia said that Rayshaun sang with so much hoy; adding that she was ready for her second win as Rayshaun’s coach. Alicia went up on the stage and gave Rayshaun a hug. Kelly said that it was awesome to see Rayshaun living what he sang. Blake noted that Rayshaun has earned this moment. Rayshaun chose Adam to be his coach.

Background and session singer Kyla Jade has sung with Wynona Judd, Carrie Underwood, and it currently with Jennifer Hudson. She chose the Aretha Franklin song “See Saw” for her audition. Blake and Kelly turned their chairs for Kyla. Adam said that Kyla was amazing. Alicia said that Kyla had a flawless way of hitting the notes. Kelly said that she loves everything about Kyla. Blake noted that his first win was with one of Alicia’s background singers. Kyla chose Blake to be her coach.

Pool tech and worship leader Blaise Raccuglia failed to turn any chairs with his performance of “Wanted”. Kelly noted that Blaise had round tones when he sang but was a bit pitchy; adding that she could feel that his nerves got the best of him. Blake noted that the performance didn’t feel completely put together. Alicia also noted that while Blaise has a beautiful voice, his nerves got the better of him.

Kelsea Johnson chose “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” for her audition and got Adam, Kelly, and Alicia to turn their chairs. Saying that his backside needs kicking for not turning his chair, Blake said that Kelsea was really good. Adam called the performance absolutely stunning. Kelly said that hands down, Kelsea could make a record right now and have a career. Alicia said that Kelsea has a gift; adding she believes that they could win together. Kelsea chose Alicia to be her coach.

Drew Cole chose “Sex and Candy” for his audition and had Adam pushing his button after only a few notes; later in the song Blake also pushed his button. Adam said that Drew wasn’t a voice but “The Voice”; adding that Drew could go way beyond the competition. Blake said that it was unbelievable the way Drew navigated his voice through the song. Drew chose Adam to be his coach.

D.R. King sang “Believe” for his audition and got Kelly and Blake to turn their chairs. Kelly loved the soul D.R. brought to the song; adding that he took a song they all knew and made it his own. Calling D.R. A super special man, Alicia noted that something magical was going to happen for him. Adam noted that it took a special quality to fill a room with their voice. Saying that D.R. Has a natural gift, Blake called D.R.’s voice explosive. D.R. Chose Kelly to be his coach.

Father of three Kaleb Lee sang “Never Wanted Nothing More” for his audition and got Blake and Kelly to turn their chairs. Kelly noted that she would be a really good coach for him. Blake said that Kaleb’s voice and style reminded him of the Texas red dirt Country music; adding that his voice would stand out on Country radio. After consulting with his children, Kaleb chose Blake to be his coach.

Makenzie Thomas chose “Redbone” by Childish Gambino for her audition but failed to turn any chairs. Adam noted that she has a lot of magic in her voice but things just got away from her. Alicia noted that she had such a vibe and energy about her.

In the final audition of the night, Justin Gilmore performed “Tomorrow” for his audition. Kelly was the first to push her button, followed by Alicia – who also blocked Blake, and Adam. Kelly and Adam celebrated that Blake had been blocked. Alicia said that Justin moved her spirit. After noting that he was inspired by Reba, Kelly got very excited (Reba McEntire is her mother in law). Kelly noted that her goal is to achieve longevity with an artist. Adam noted that he wouldn’t be mad is someone else was chosen for a coach because it wouldn’t be Blake. Justin chose Kelly to be his coach.

Alicia’s team:
Britton Buchanan
Kelsea Johnson

Kelly’s team:
Brynn Cartelli
D. R. King
Justin Gilmore

Adam’s team:
Rayshaun LaMarr
Drew Cole

Blake’s team:
Kyla Jade
Kaleb Lee