Last week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Shangela and BenDeLaCreme again found themselves in the top and winners of the “Snatch Game” challenge. Both queens chose Chi Chi DeVayne as the queen to go home.

This week when the queens entered the workroom they discovered that Chi Chi left them a positive mirror message, something that has been lacking in recent weeks.

Only six queens remain in the competition.

RuPaul enters the workroom wearing a blonde wig and shades with a Polaroid camera in her hands. The mini challenge is an Andy Warhol pop art challenge where RuPaul will turn their photo portraits into pop art works a la Andy Warhol.

Calling her a true pop tart, RuPaul named Aja the winner. Aja noted that she has never won a mini challenge.

For the maxi challenge the queens must create two Andy Warhol inspired looks from scratch – an homage to the soup can – capture a soup can that demonstrates your personality. The second look is a disco extravaganza for the Warhol Ball.

This is a make from scratch challenge and some of the queens are not skilled at sewing. This is the first sewing challenge of the season.

Shangela chose a fabric that doesn’t stretch and has to start over.

Trixie noted that after they show off their soup cans, one of them is going to get canned.

Joining RuPaul at the judge’s table this week are Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews; along with guest judges Shay Mitchell and Tituss Burgess.

In the judge’s remarks…
Aja’s soup can didn’t say anything about her and while the runway look was put together nicely, it didn’t say disco.

Shangela’s soup can looked fishy but was a turn off. Her runway look was a little crazy and looked homemade. RuPaul noted that they couldn’t see her face and didn’t know what’s going on with her look.

Tituss said RIP to the challenge because Trixie murdered it. Her runway look was great and she made it herself.

Kennedy’s soup can look didn’t work but her runway look would definitely turn heads at the disco.

Bebe’s look was artistically beautiful and her runway was stunning. Michelle noted that she had not negatives.

BenDeLaCreme had a fantastic soup can look but her runway didn’t say disco. The judges added that her look was very basic; adding that she can…and has…do better.

After the judge’s remarks, RuPaul named Trixie and Bebe as the top looks this week. This is the first time that BenDeLaCreme and Shangela were not a part of the top two.

BenDeLaCreme and Kennedy Davenport are safe; leaving Shangela and Aja in the bottom and facing elimination.

The lip sync song this week was “The Boss” by Diana Ross.

After the lip sync performance, RuPaul named Bebe Zahara Benet as the winner.

Trixie is safe for another week.

An emotional Bebe chose to send Aja home. Shangela is safe for another week.

Dressed as women from “The Handmaid’s Tale” the eliminated queens return…for their revenge.

Next week RuPaul auditions for her music group.