The Four” has reached the end of its first season and will crown a winner. Zhavia, Evvie McKinney, Candice Boyd, and Vincint Cannady will battle it out with one of them emerging with the right to work with the members of the judging panel.

After allegations of inappropriate behaviour arose, record executive Charlie Walk is not a part of the show leaving DJ Khalid, Meghan Trainor, and Sean “Diddy” Combs to decide who earns the right to be the champion.

After “The Four” take the stage together for a performance, Diddy told the challengers that this is a competition and they had better bring it.

In round one each of the singers will perform and then the audience will decide who gave the best performance.

Up first is Candice Boyd with the No Doubt hit “Don’t Speak”. Meghan said that it was really hard to say anything negative about Candice’s performance. Noting that she has a a seasoned vocal range, Diddy said that Candice continues to grow. DJ Khalid said that if he was in the studio, he would have told Candice to get out of the booth because she was great.

Evvie McKinney blew the house away with her performance of the Tina Turner classic “Proud Mary”. She brought the judges to their feet and had the crowd yelling her name. Diddy noted that Evvie was fearless. Meghan called it her favourite performance of the season; adding that Evvie showed what she is capable of and can deliver to the world. DJ Khalid kept blowing an air horn and noted that Evvie performed like she was an icon.

The only male contestant in “the Four”, vVncint Cannady performed “Creep” by Radiohead and brought the judges to their feet with his emotional performance. Saying it was so good, Meghan said that she saw Vincint as an artist. DJ Khalid said that Vincint performed like he knew it was the finale. Noting that he knew Vincint was the sleeper, Diddy said that Vincint had commitment, a superstar shine, and it was the first time anyone had ever given him goosebumps.

Last up was Zhavia with her rendition of Drake’s “One Dance”. Meghan said that it wasn’t her favourite performance of the night. Saying that he has an obligation to tell the truth, Diddy said that it was not her best; adding that he hasn’t been feeling her energy on the stage tonight. Saying that he believed in her, DJ Khalid told Zhavia that she has to figure it out.

After the audience vote…Evvie McKinney wins round one and the right to decide who will sing head to head for round two.

Evvie chose to challenge Zhavia; meaning Candice and Vincint will go head to head. Evvie said that she chose Zhavia because she wants to win.

From this point on, the judges will decide who wins each round.

Wearing some boot that looked rather uncomfortable, Zhavia took her shoes off for the second round. For this round she sang “Man Down” by Rihanna in her bare feet whle DJ Khalid watched on eating popcorn.

Demonstrating some incredible breath control, Evvie chose “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers for her second performance.

After both performances DJ Khalid blew his air horn and called both performances amazing. Saying that he was leaving it up to Diddy, DJ went down to the audience to sit down. Meghan said that both performances were great. Diddy said that both girls gave pretty good performances.

During their deliberations DJ wanted both girls to win, but in the end Diddy announced that it was Evvie who won the challenge and will sing one more time for the championship.

Up first in the next battle was Vincint with “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars that had the crowd screaming and DJ Khalid blowing his air horn.

In the final performance of round two Candice chose the Whitney Houston song “I Have Nothing”.

DJ Khalid blowing his air horn, called Candice an artist and showed professionalism. Meghan called them both amazing artists but had more fun watching Vincint. Diddy noted that he feels there is a need for a male singer like Vincint and Candice knocked it out of the park.

During deliberations DJ is more concerned with making a hit; while Meghan and Diddy are looking more at a total performer.

DJ Khalid voted for Candice
Meghan voted for Vincint
With the deciding vote, Diddy said that he wanted to see more from Vincint but voted for Candice.

Candice will face Evvie in the final battle for the championship.

Before the final round of competition, Moroccan born rapper French Montana took the stage for a performance. Meghan, host Fergie, Diddy, and DJ Khalid joined him on stage.

Evvie was up first with “Glory” by John Legend and Common.

Candice chose “Stay” by Rihanna for her final performance.

Mighan said that Candice was born with a gift and something that the world needs to hear; but Evvie blew her mind. DJ Khalid said that both were strong vocalists who performed flawlessly; adding that he loved them both. Diddy said that Candice would be the next generation of the female bad boy artist; adding that he hasn’t seen anything like Evvie in a long time. Diddy said that both girls deserve to win; adding that it is a very very hard decision.

Holding the trophy in his hands, Diddy revealed that the first champion of “The Four” was Evvie. Diddy noted that she was something they haven’t seen in a long time and was willing to do whatever it took to entertain the crowd.