Last week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 3” the queens put on a Divas Live extravaganza and Shangela finally got herself a win but Thorgy Thor was the second queen to be eliminated this season.

After their eliminations the queens leave a lipstick message on the mirror. Thorgy left a picture that resulted in mixed feelings by the remaining queens.

On the video screen, RuPaul notes that she is starting to feel a real connection with the queens…but needs for them to open up. When she comes into the workroom, RuPaul announces that this week’s challenge requires comedic improv. The queens must improv their way through a dating show they call “Bitchelor” – a parody of “The Bachelor”.

RuPaul has paired the queens up for this challenge and a twon on one date:
Kennedy and Aja
Trixie and Milk
Bebe and BendelaCreme
Chi Chi and Shangela

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman is the “bachelor” looking for a date.

In the eggplant ceremony, Jeffrey notes that all the queens scare him and he gives the eggplant to RuPaul.

The runway look this week is…wigs on wigs on wigs.

Joining RuPaul at the judges table this week are Michelle Visage and Ross Mathews with guest judges Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Constance Zimmer.

This week only Shangela and Bebe Zahara Benet are the only queens who are safe.

In the judge’s comments…
The judges loved BendelaCreme’s wig reveal; noting that she gave them layers, both in her reveal and improv performance. Jeffrey noted that she gave him a lot to work with.

Trixie’s character was spot on and Constance was impressed. Jeffrey noted that her lines were hilarious.

While Milk looked gorgeous on the runway, she was terrifying in the challenge and didn’t share the stage.

Michelle noted that Aja looked the best she ever has on the runway; but in the challenge she was a whiney brat and not the needy girl she was supposed to be.

Kennedy was gorgeous on the runway. Noting that she was hilarious in the show challenge, Jeffrey said that he had a hard time keeping a straight face.

Chi Chi was beautiful on the stage and took Jeffrey’s breath away, but she was overshadowed in the challenge.

After the critiques, RuPaul named Kennedy Davenport and BendelaCreme as the top two looks this week. This is Bendelacreme’s third week in the top looks.

Trixie was safe; but Milk, Aja, and Chi Chi were the bottom looks for this week.

This is the third time that Chi Chi has been in the bottom and she is questioning whether she should even be there.

The lip sync for your legacy performance this week was “Green Light” by Lorde.

RuPaul named Kennedy Davenport the winner of the lip sync and a $10,000 tip.

After noting earlier that she would base her decision on their overall performances, Kennedy named Milk as the queen who would be eliminated this week.

Next week…Snatch Game!