It’s week four of “The Four” and only a few weeks remain before the first champion is crowned.

After defending her seat last week Zhavia is the longest sitting member of “The Four” and the only girl of “The Four”. Jason Warrior also defended his seat. Rell Jerv and Tim Johnson Jr are the newcomers to “The Four”.

First up vying for a chance to take over one of the seats was Nicolina who has been making music videos and posting them on YouTube. While he called her competitive, Charlie said that Nicolina did not give him goosebumps. Meghan thought that Nicolina had a beautiful voice but did not care for her stage presence. Diddy felt that Nicolina’s voice was not strong enough and DJ Khalid didn’t think she was better than any of “The Four”. Nicolina got a no from all four of the panelists.

Former background singer Ravaughn stepped away from music for the past couple of years and is returning to the stage. She has also performed on “Glee”. DJ noted he has seen her around, noting that she has been putting in the work. Diddy told her to make him a believer. Diddy said that he liked her because she didn’t try to do too much; adding that he felt like she did herself. DJ noted that she has been doing something right and told her to keep it up. Charlie noted that Ravaughn has been working hard, but he wasn’t sure whether she could beat one of “The Four”. When Meghan asked Ravaughn what genre would she like to do, Ravaughn didn’t know. Ravaughn got four yeses and earned the right to challenge one of “The Four”. Diddy told her to think deep because it was a potential life changing event. Ravaughn chose to challenge Jason Warrior. Host Fergie noted that it was the closest vote to date with only one percent separating the two singers. Jason held on to his seat and cannot be challenged any more tonight.

Edi Callier chose a Nick Jonas song for his performance. DJ liked his stage presence but questioned whether or not Edi could be Zhavia. Charlie called his sweet; adding that Edi did a great job of presenting himself. Meghan said that Edi made her smile and she though his riffs were incredible. Diddy said that the was looking for the total package; adding that he thinks Edi still has some work to do. Edi got four nos from the panel.

Nick Harrison performed an original song. Fergie said that he slayed the stage. Calling Nick amazing Meghan loved his confidence; adding that he is a star. DJ wanted to see a classic battle right then. Nick got four yeses and chose to challenge Rell Jerv. In a battle of the original lyric rappers, Nick pulled out the win and takes over the seat. Nick is locked in for the night and cannot be challenged this week.

Canadian musician Josh Wyper is a member of The Pompadors but chose a Chris Stapleton song for his performance. Meghan said that his voice was perfect for the song but she wanted more from him. Diddy noted that the song didn’t move him; adding that his voice resonates emotion. Josh got four nos from the panel.

In the final performance of the night, small town resident Kendyle Paige got mixed reviews from the panel with Meghan liking her growl but was not impressed enough to want a challenge. Diddy loved her posed; adding that she hit all the right notes. Diddy wanted to see a challenge. In the end Kendyle got four yeses and chose to challenge Zhavia. After three weeks as a member of “The Four”, Zhavia loses her seat to Kendyle.

Meghan Trainor was very upset after Kendyle was announced the winner. She didn’t want Kendyle to be in a challenge; saying the guys talked her into it.

Next week is the comeback episode where eliminated artists get a second chance to become one of “The Four”.