Now that the 2017 NFL regular season has ended, it is time for the coaching carousel to begin as team owners fire old coaches and hire new ones in hopes of making the coveted playoffs on the road to the Super Bowl next season.

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has announced his retirement after a five year record of 49-30-1 with the Cardinals. Prior to coming to the Cardinals, Arians was on the coaching staff of the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Indianapolis Colts.

Only one day after Arians announced his retirement, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer also announced that he is reitiing from the game of football.

Despite having a winless season this year, Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson will retain his job, at least for another year. In his two years as head coach of the Browns, Jackson has a record of one and 31.

But other coaches have not been so lucky…

Earlier in 2017, the New York Giants fired their head coach Ben McAdoo after winning only two games and a benching of Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning. In less than two seasons as head coach for the Giants,McAdoo had a record of 13 and 15.

Green Bay Packers Defensive Coordinator Don Capers has been fired after nine years with the team.

Detroit Lions Offensive Line Coach Ron Prince has been fired.

Chicago Bears Head Coach of the Chicago Bears has been fired. In three seasons with the Bears, Fox had a record of 14 and 34. Only the Cleveland Browns had a worse winning percentage in the NFL.

Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell has also been fired. Caldwell has a four year record of 86 and 28 with a nine and seven season over the past two seasons.

Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano after the Colts had a losing season of four and 12. Pagano has a 53 and 43 record as the head coach of the Colts over the past six seasons.

Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio has also been relieved of his duties.

The New York Giants has hired Dave Gettleman as the team’s general manager after they fired former general manager Jerry Reese on the same day as head coach Ben McAdoo.
photo credit: By Austin Kirk – NFL Footballs, CC BY 2.0,