As the 2022 NASCAR season was wwinding down, seven time Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson returned to NASCAR aftet two years with IndyCar. But this time he had more than driving on his mind.

Johnson is now a part owner in Petty GMS Racing. At the time, the team left the name of the team alone; but as the new season approaches, Jimmie Johnson, Richard Petty, and Maury Gallagher have decided to give the team a new name – one that reflects on the past and looks to the future.

Petty GMS Racing will now be known as Legacy Motor Club!

Earlier Johnson announced that he would be driving in a handful of races in the coming season beginning with the Daytona 500. At the time, Johnson did not know which car he would be driving. Johnson has now announced that he will keep the same numbers he has always had – the 4 and the 8 – but in a different order. He will be driving the number 84 car.

Speaking on the car number Johnson said, “at this stage with our third car, when you try to find a number, there are only so many numbers available. “But for me, four and eight have been marquee numbers for me throughout my entire life. I go all the way back to my dirt bike racing days. Clearly, 19 years in the 48 car and the seven championships came with it.

He added, “so, as I perused the list and saw the numbers that were available, I couldn’t help myself. And you know I still am chasing that 84th win, so if that moment does come around for me and we are able to ring the bell and get 84 in the 84 car, part of a team that I own, that would be just off the charts.”

Noting that adding Johnson to the already Petty GMS name would be “clunky and clumsy”. Petty added that they were, “ looking at the legacy deal.” He added, “you know, we (the Pettys) have been doing this 75 years, OK? And you’re getting a bunch of new fans and a bunch of new situations with a new car, new venues that we’re going to. And you’re saying, ‘OK, you know, what’s our next step?’ And I feel like after 75 years, then we’re looking at (when) people see the 43 car, they think of Petty. We’ve got new fans that, you know, what are they gonna think about a number? So we’re trying to put a team together with legacy.”

Despite the Petty name not being a part of the team name does not deter from the legacy of the Petty racing family; especially with the iconic 42 and 43 numbers on the track. This year Erik Jones will be behind the wheel of the number 43 car with Noah Gragson making his first full year in the Cup Series driving the number 42 car.

Johnson noted, “knowing that we’re going to have the Petty font and numbers on our cars forever really gave us a chance to take the team name and try to honor all of us kind of in a founding way and the legacies that we have all built. And then certainly, looking forward [at] the legacy that we hope to create as an organization, our drivers hope to create within their careers, crew chiefs, crew members, personnel in general, we just felt like legacy fit us very well.”