Tennis has had mixed doubles matches for years, but for the first time in a move to increase diversity and be more inclusive, the World Boxing Council has announced that they are creating a new boxing category for transgender boxers.  The WBC hopes to get the new category implemented some time during the next year.  WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman said it will be “developed as a form of inclusion.”

Noting that “a born man” will never fight “a born woman” in the WBC, Sulaiman noted that they are looking to adopt an ”at birth” rule where born men will fight born men and born women will fight born women.  He emphasized that no WBC fight will ever feature a born man and a born woman.

The trans fighters will only fight other trans fighters and not cross gender categories.

The initiative will begin by the WBC making a “global call” to all trans athletes who wish to compete in order to set the league up; ensuring that it is a separate entity from the current 18 male weight classes and 16 female weight classes.  The WBC will also need to classify the athletes according to weight classes.

Based in Mexico, the WBC is a part of the four boxing sanctioning bodies around the world with the WBO – World Boxing Organization, the WBA – World Boxing Association, and the IBF – International Boxing Federation.

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