British musician Maxi Jazz died December 23, 2022 at the age of 65.  His Faithless band mates gave no cause of death; saying only that Jazz died peacefully in his sleep.

Band members spoke on Jazz via a statement saying, he was a man who changed our lives in so many ways. He gave proper meaning and a message to our music. He was a lovely human being with time for everyone and wisdom that was both profound and accessible.” 

They added, “he was a lovely human being with time for everyone and a wisdom that was both profound and accessible. It was an honour and, of course, a true pleasure to work with him. He was a brilliant lyricist, a DJ, a Buddhist, a magnificent stage presence, car lover, endless talker, beautiful person, moral compass and genius.”

Before becoming a part of Faithless, the Brixton native Maxwell Fraser became a part of the club scene in the ‘80’s as a DJ where he founded the band Soul Food Café System. 

He later formed Faithless with fellow DJ’s Rollo and Sister Bliss; along with songwriter Jamie Cotto.  The band’s sound was very eclectic; so much so, that the record company had difficulty describing the 1996 debut “Reverence” and took to calling it an album of “folk-house-hip-hop-blues-ambience-jazz-rap for the dance floor and sofa.”

After a slow start, the band went on to reach global popularity including an appearance at Glastonbury until their breakup in 2011.  Their album “Forever Faithless” became the best selling album of 2005 and was certified four times platinum in Britain.

While Faithless later reunited including a performance at Coachella, Jazz went on to form the band Maxi Jazz & The E-Type Boys.

In between his various bands, Jazz also released some solo albums.

An avid football fan, Jazz became an associate director for the Crystal Palace FC.  The team paid tribute to Jazz by walking out to the music of Faithless before their Boxing Day match.

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