Alternative rockers Bluphoria blend psychedelic and blues music to create their sound.

The rockers have a new album coming out next year but before that they will add their sound to the holiday musical faire with “When the Snow Falls”.

Bluphoria’s Reign LaFreniere spoke on the new single saying, “’When the Snow Falls’ was an idea I had been thinking about for a while.  I am a fan of Christmas music and I didn’t want to just chuck another cover song out there. As you can probably tell we were having some fun with it!” 

Formed in 2019 in Eugene, Oregon while attending the University of Oregon; Bluphoria are LaFreniere, Dakota Landrum, Dani Janae, and Rex Wolf.  At 23, lead singer Reign LaFreniere is the oldest member of the band.  The remaining member are 19 to 21.

Lead singer and guitar player Reign LaFreniere is also the band’s songwriter.  He spoke on the band’s songs saying, “I wrote these songs as a black man making rock ‘n’ roll in America.  Rock ‘n’ roll started as a black art pioneered by black men and women. I’m taking my people’s music back. We’re reframing it together in our way. The rhythm is the focal point. The blues is in there. Rock ‘n’ roll is definitely not dying.”

There is an expression that everything old is new again; and when it comes to music.  That is certainly true; Brian Setzer with his Orchestra, the swing revival in the 90’s, and the band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy have proven how true the expression is and Bluphoria are out to add their name to the list.

Feature photo credit: Jena Yannone