One of the newest productions on Broadway “KPOP” is coming to an early stop…rather abruptly!

The show has announced that its final performance will be on December 11 after just 17 performances and 44 previews.  While the show is ending very early, it will end with a special performance dedicated to the Asian and Pacific Islander community with 200 tickets available free to API community members.

Since its opening, the show has struggled at the box office.

K-Pop music has found a steady spot on the music charts after the explosion of BTS on the music scene.  The musical tells the story of K-pop musicians  who try to balance personal life with a musical career.  The 18 players in the show are all API performers and is the first Broadway production written by Korean artists.

The final performance will also include a panel discussion that will celebrate and reflect on how the API community is being represented on Broadway.  Panelists include the first Asian American playwright to win a Tony David Henry Hwang, Helen Park from “KPOP” and the first Asian female composer on Broadway, Korean playwright Hansol Jung, and Asian American Performers Action Coalition’s Pun Bandhu.

The announcement comes on the heels of a scathing review by New York Times critic Jesse Green that “KPOP” producers called “casual racism”.  While producers demanded a public apology, The Times responded by saying that they felt the review “was fair” and “not racist”.  While a majority of the production is in English, there is some lyrics in Korean with no subtitles provided (One does not have to understand the words to appreciate the music); however, Greene wrote, “those who aren’t hard-core fans of the genre or don’t understand Korean—let alone those who saw the radically different and far superior Off-Broadway version in 2017—will have a harder time enjoying this one.”

While the show is closing early, plans for the release of a cast recording is still in the works and set for a February 24 release.  Musician and Recording Academy president Harvey Mason Jr is producing the album.