For generations Santa Claus has been just as much a part of Christmas as celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Author Tom Jerman has written a book “Santa Clause Worldwide: A History of St. Nicholas and Other Holiday Gift-Bringers” that delves into the history of St. Nicholas and his various incarnations around the globe including the origin of Santa in America.

Learn how Santa Claus got his beginnings in the United States…and it wasn’t a poem…

Though there have been books on the origins of Santa Clause in the past, “Santa Claus Worldwide” is the first time in over a century that includes a comprehensive history of the man in the red suit.

Other discoveries in “Santa Clause Worldwide: are:
the development of holiday gift-givers have developed over the years

The difference between Catholic and Protestant “Santas”

The diversity of the holiday gift-givers

Author Tom Jerman said, “Santa indisputably exists as the symbol of Christmas, and Christmas represents our most noble virtues.  Symbols are real, and they can be very powerful.” 

A serious Santa collector, Jerman has nearly 5,000 Santas and thousands more in old post cards.

feature photo credit: A Collection of Santas website