The Cup Series race on Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway set a new record for caution flags and saw numerous tire issues that ended with a big mixup in the playoff standings.

In stage two Cody Ware got loose, hit the outside wall and then went careening down the track and into the pit road wall, barely missing the corner of the pit road inside wall.

Ware was examined at the infield car center after being transported by ambulance and was released.  He traveled home with the crew after the race.  Rick Ware Racing team manager Robby Benton spoke on the incident saying “we are thankful to the track crew here.  We had a bit of a delay going through the normal protocol of x-rays and reviews and making sure there were no fractures. All of that came back clear. He will be on the team plane with us to return to Charlotte tonight and we are happy he is OK.”

On Monday, NASCAR noted that they would be looking closely at Ware’s number 51 car.  Speaking on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio Monday morning, NASCAR vice president of officiating and technical inspection Elton Sawyer said that the competition officials would review the crash, including the car, to determine whether or not any changes were needed made at the track including how crews are positioned on pit road.  Sawyer added that the officials would be consulting with the safety experts at the University of Nebraska.

One of the many caution flags during the race was when Martin Truex Jr get into the wall with a tire issue.  While the track officials were concentrating on Truex, there was an incident involving William Byron and Denny Hamlin.  During green flag laps, Byron brushed the wall after some very close contact from Hamlin.  Citing damage to his car, Byron took advantage of the caution flag to show his displeasure with Hamlin by tapping the bumper.  Byron said that meant only to show his displeasure by bumping Hamlin in the rear; but Byron hit a little too hard and sent Hamlin through the grass.  Hamlin felt that he should be allowed to return to his second place position but instead was sent back in the field by NASCAR.  While still under caution, Hamlin hit Byron in the bumper several times and was heard on the radio saying that he would get Byron.

NASCAR officials have stated that while their focus was on Truex, they would be reviewing the video from the incident and if it warranted a penalty, they would take action.

The number 12 Team Penske team has just made the week a little easier for officials after withdrawing their appeal of the loose wheel penalty last week.  The crew members will begin serving their suspensions beginning this week.