Niagara Falls is known for millions of visitors each year coming from around the world to visit the majestic Falls.  On September 14 an international group of musicians gathered at the historic Rapids Theatre with Lions Gate, Uncured, Butcher Babies, and Lacuna Coil; while fans from both sides of the border cheered them on.

The audience started out rather small and grew as the night went on as the standing room only crowd packed the floor in front of the stage cheering on the musicians who were whipping their hair – some while they continued to play.

The long night of music began promptly at 7pm with the five piece band Lions at the Gate.  The band came out on stage ready to rock the stage…and the crowd.

When the music began the large stage that a century ago was filled with vaudeville performers was crowded with equipment and gear; but as the night went on and each band took the stage, there was more room to dance and jump around…and they did.

Next up was the Jersey band Uncured in a set that featured whipping hair and a blindfolded guitar player.

Then came the five piece band Butcher Babies that included two female singers. And while all of the musicians moved freely about the stage – except the drummers – the girls in Butcher Babies could give a Mexican jumping bean a run for its money. Nor did they let the audience stand still as they engaged them in some audience participation and encouraged jumping up and down.

Shortly before 10pm, it was finally time for the main attraction – Italian rockers Lacuna Coil with female lead singer Christina Scabbia.

In “Black Anima” the band notes that the night has an energy of its own; but so does the stage of a darkened theatre when Lacuna Coil takes the stage in full costume and ambient lighting with plenty of strobe lights.

Celebrating 20 years since the release of their album “Comalies” the band’s set list included songs from the original album and the remade edition set for an October 14 release including “Swamped XX”.

After leaving the stage the crowd cheered and yelled for one more song for several minutes before the bad returned to the stage to perform a three song encore to end the night of music.

And fans got an extra treat when many of the artists throughout the night greeted them at the merch tables after performing.

The Rapids Theatre originally opened as an upscale venue for vaudeville in 1921; over the years it has seen numerous incarnations; but the latest renovation has restored much of the original beauty which lends itself well to the atmosphere of the modern concert lineup of metal and goth artists.

Reportedly the theatre even comes with its own ghost which was the object of a “Ghost Hunters” episode in 2011.