Like the cars on the track, the NASCAR rule book is a constantly moving entity with tweaks and updates.

With the introduction of the Next Gen car, the drivers and teams have had a great deal to deal with from new and stricter rules to loose wheels and various parts issues.  This season saw the first disqualification in over 50 years when the first and second place drivers were disqualified over the location of a piece of tape.

Since the Pocono race that got both Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch disqualified, NASCAR has made a few adjustments to the rules…

Silicone is no longer allowed for sealing the quarter windows to the body

Teams used to phycsiczlily paint the schemes on the cars, today they are wrapped.  Under the new rules, the wraps must flush with the car body and not change the shape of the car in any way.

Windshield tear offs are allowed, but must be properly secured to prevent them from coming off during a race.  They may not cover the inlet for the driver’s cooling system intake duct.  The removal tabs for the windshield tear off must be eight inches from the upper corner of the windshield and on one side of the tear off only.