The Swedish pop folk band Kolonien know how to entertain an audience and it doesn’t even matter that they perform their songs in their native Swedish because the music itself transcends any language barrier.

Beginning this Thursday – August 11 – the four piece family band are beginning a tour that will take them to a few stops in Canada, to the U,S., and stretching in to next year and Europe.

Kolonien plays music that will make you want to clap, dance, and in general want to join in and with cousin Anna on fiddle, their music has that Celtic feel like a fine ceili.

Kolonien are brothers Erik and Arvid Rask, cousin Anna Moller, and a childhood friend they call “a brother from a different mother” Mischa Grind.  Band members call the alternate lifestyle community Janna home.  The foursome have been making music together all of their lives – and it shows with their incredible musicianship – but only came together as an official band in 2010.  Since those early days the band has traveled around the world sharing their version of Swedish Folk music.

Kolonien tour dates:
Aug 11 at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, ON
Aug 12 & 13 at the Festival Des Traditions du Monde in Sherbrooke, QC   
Aug 14 at Stromboli Square in Montreal, QC
Aug 31 at Babe in Malmo, Sweden
Sept 1 at Damms Gaard in Aabenraa, Denmark
Sept 2 at Spillestedet Thy in Thisted, Denmark
Sept 4 at Folk Roskilde in Roskilde, Denmark
Sept 16 at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA
Sept 17 On the Square in Oxford, NY
Sept 18 at Mt Foolery in Charlotte, VT
Sept 20 at the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C.
Sept 21 at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, NY
Sept 23 at the ¡Globalquerque!I Albuquerque, NM
Oct 28 at Station K in Lanza, Denmark
Oct 29 at Tobaksgaarden in Assens, Denmark
Nov 1 at the Stadteatern in Falköping, Sweden
Nov 4 at Drauget in Hørve, Denmark
Nov 5 at Klein KBH in København, DenmarkMarch 17 at Maskinhallen in Frederikshavn, Denmark

feature photo and video courtesy of Cumbacha