There was a time that NASCAR drivers ran races in t-shirts and jeans with open faced helmets but after a firey crash that took the life of Fireball Roberts at Daytona in 1964, NASCAR mandated fire suits for the drivers.

Since those early days, there have been numerous advancements in keeping the drivers safe.

Last weekend during the road course race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, two drivers – Chris Buescher and Joey Logano – had issues involving fires in the cars after a race of some pretty heavy beating and banging.

Recent additions to the rules include pit crew members also wearing helmets and fire suits after a number of incidents on pit road during pit stops.

The newest edition of the fire suit not only protect drivers and crews up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit; but will also help to cool them off during the hot summer races.

But even with that, the drivers and crews still have to worry about a fire.  Not completely fireproof, the suits allow a driver time to get out of the car safely or a crew member to get away from a fire.

Developed by DuPont, the suits are constructed using a flexible fiber called Nomex.

But NASCAR doesn’t stop at the fire suits, they strive to make a dangerous sport as safe as possible for everyone.  For drivers and crews that protection includes fireproof underwear, and gloves.