Before the 2022 racing season began NASCAR announced that penalties for violating the rule book would be more severe.  One that has appeared repeatedly is the loss of a tire which does not bring any fines but will have three crew members including the crew chief for four weeks.

After a great deal of criticism from the fans, NASCAR has amended the ruling to include a waiver if it is determined that the freely moving tire does not impede or cause a danger to any other drivers.

That change was put into play at Atlanta Motor Speedway when a tire from Christopher Bell’s car on pit road; saying that the tire caused no danger to any other driver and therefore no penalty would be levied on the number 20 team.

However, in the only penalty issued this week NASCAR officials determined that when the Team Penske number two car driven by Austin Cindric lost a tire on pit road, the speed alone was enough to cause potential damage to another car or crew member.

As a result of the infraction crew chief Jeremy Bullins, front tire changer Curtis Thompson, and Jack an Patrick Gray have all been suspended for the next four point races.

NASCAR officials say that they will continue to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis to determine when the lost tire penalty will be enforced.