The Tony Awards made history this year when the musical “A Strange Loop” – the story about a gay man writing a musical about a gay man.  This year’s awards also featured a number of non-heterosexual nominees and winners.

This October, Breaking the Binary Theatre Festival will feature seven works by transgender, non-binary, and two spirited peoples.  The works will be performed at Theatre Row from October 10 to 16.

Tickets for the productions will be made available to anyone who wishes to attend; assuring the works are everyone who is interested in attending and supporting the BTB community.  Tickets are available from

“Trans World” by Ty Defoe will kick off the festival on October 10.  The story tells of a group of Transgender individuals who are a part of a reality TV series.

“Twitch” by Liliana Padilla runs on October 11.  The play follows a series of events including a missing person, a marriage falling apart, and the construction of a rehab center.

Set to run Oct 12, “Hide and Hide” by Roger Q. Mason tells the story of a Filipina immigrant who comes to Los Angeles in search of stardom in 1980.

“Work Hard Have Fun Make History” by Ruth Tang is set for October 13.  While it does not say what the play is about, the press notes that it is NOT about Amazon, Jeff Bezos, or Elon Musk.

Running October 14, “Nana” by Aziza Barnes is set in the Bronx and explores colourism and substance abuse in a multi-generational lineage.

The final play is on October 15; “Thelma and Louise and The Time Machine” by Mara Velez follows an iconic film duo on a journey as they revisit their relationship.

The festival closes out on October 16 with “An Evening of Commissioned Monologues” by 15 different writers.

All participants in the presentations are members of the BTB community.

The Breaking the Binary Theatre Festival notes that “TNB2S+ artists have long been misrepresented and underpaid for their work in the American theatre. Breaking the Binary Theatre Festival is a space for over 100 TNB2S+ artists to reclaim their stories and artistic liberty:  all creative decisions will be made exclusively by TNB2S+ artists. Each participant will be compensated equitably for their time and labor, with all wages based upon New York’s living wage of $21.50 an hour.”