Since NASCAR has returned to racing after the pandemic, the sport has seen a major increase in the number of fans coming to the track and filling the camping and RV lots.  In fact, in some cases the tracks have had to open additional space for RV’s.

With summer here, larger numbers of fans will be spending more time at the tracks camping over the weekend.  And while bringing the tickets might seem the most important thing, there are a number of other items of importance to bring along for a fun filled weekend.

Along with the coolers filled with adult beverages, grills, and the sunscreen; make sure the bring some insect repellant to help keep away the bugs.

It might seem like common sense but for those campers who are bringing a tent, it might be a good idea to make sure you can actually pitch the tent…even in the dark.  It certainly would not do to arrive at the track and find something missing from the tent bag or that despite the directions, it is not an “easy to assemble” affair.  Bringing along some area rugs to put on the ground is a good idea too so that the sleeping bags stay clean inside the tent and you have a little extra “living space” outside for eating and “entertaining”.

And don’t forget the lawn or camp chairs…unless you are a fan of sitting on the ground among the ants and other such “critters”.

In this day and age, the mobile phone is the end all for communication; whether it be simply talking on the phone, texting, playing games, keeping up on social media, or surfing the internet.  But it is a little difficult to “stay in touch” if the batteries run down.  While some places may have free wi-fi available, it is a pretty good guess that there isn’t any electricity for charging devices.  Bring some portable chargers or a solar device to charge the phone.  Also bringing along a good old fashioned battery operated radio – preferably one that can also broadcast weather alerts – along with some extra batteries.

While all tracks offer numerous food and beverage choices, it is never a bad thing to bring along plenty of extra food, snacks, drinks, and ice; especially for those “midnight munchies” cravings.

Sunny summer days are often hot and sometimes VERY hot, but that does not prevent Mother Nature from making a few changes when she gets the notion.  Always pack extra clothing, blankets, and even a jacket in case the skies open up or it gets a bit cold at night.  And of course, there is no such thing as too many towels, washcloths, and pillows!  And packing the swimsuit might be a good idea too; in case you neighbour has a pool or in the case of Daytona, there is a beach nearby.

Always make sure that you have enough funds on hand for souvenirs, food, and any unforeseen emergencies.

For those campers who do not have an RV, parking your vehicle as close as possible to your campsite may be helpful in case of bad weather, stray wildlife, or just wanting something a little more comfortable when it comes to sleeping.

And lastly…and very importantly…follow the rule of bringing out what you brought in.  In other words, DO NOT leave any trash laying around the campsite.  Bring a few garbage bags in case the trash bins are few or distant from you campsite.   And always ensure the campfire has been properly extinguished; especially when you are not in the area.

Camping and racing go hand in hand for thousands of fans.  But like any activity, there are a few essential rules that need to be followed for the enjoyment of everyone.