For fans of Broadway, the long wait is about to be over…

Beginning July 1, The Broadway League is lifting the mandatory requirement for face coverings at all theatres.  Previously the League eliminated the requirement for mandatory vaccines for theatre attendees, cast, and crew.

For those fans who wish to continue wearing a mask, may do so under the new optional ruling.

However, the ruling is just for the month of July.  The Broadway League may change the policy at any time.

Broadway League president Charlotte St. Martin issued a statement saying, “millions of people enjoyed the unique magic of Broadway by watching the 75th Tony Award ceremony recently. Millions more have experienced Broadway LIVE in theatres in New York City and throughout the U.S. since we reopened last fall. We’re thrilled to welcome even more of our passionate fans back to Broadway in the exciting 22-23 season that has just begun.”

The Broadway League will update the guidelines for masks in August and the new season later in July.  Whether or not the guidelines will be issued on a month by month basis or for a longer period of time is not known at this time.

The new ruling is for Broadway theatres only, Off Broadway and other area theatres will continue to set their own Covid policies.  It is recommended that theatre fans check with the specific theatre or website to learn what policies are in place.