Fans of “The Voice” have frequently heard coach John Legend speak of his EGOT.  But the EGOT isn’t one thing; it’s four – EGOT stands for Emmy-Grammy-Oscar (Academy Award)-and Tony.

Of the thousands of awards that have been presented over nearly 100 years, only 16 entertainers have earned the EGOT status.  Of those 16 just four of them have been women.

Composer Richard Rodgers is the original member of the club.  He got things started with his Oscar in 1945 and later added an Emmy, two Grammy’s, and four Tony’s.  Rodgers is also one of only two people to be a member of the PEGOT club – P for Pulitzer Prize.

The first woman to join the club is Helen Hayes who began her journey with her first Oscar in 1932.  She has a total of two Oscars, two Tony’s, an Emmy, and a Grammy.  Her Grammy in 1977 completed the alphabet of awards.

Also completing the list in 1977 is the original Maria in “West Side Story” Rita Moreno.  Her EGOT began with an Oscar in 1962 and concluded with the first of her two Emmy’s in 1977 for her performance as a gust on “The Muppet Show”.

Audrey Hepburn got her EGOT journey started off by winning both her Oscar and Tony awards in the same year – 1954.  After winning her Emmy in 1993, she completed the journey in 1994 with a Grammy.

Best known for his comedic movie spoofs, Mel Brooks began his journey toward an EGOT in 1967 with the first of his four Emmy Awards.  He followed it up with an Oscar, a Tony, and two Grammy’s.

While he may not be as big of a household word as the actors he directs,, Mike Nichols has a case full of trophies that include the Grammy Award he won in 1961.  It also includes his Oscar for directing “The Graduate”, two Emmy Awards, and a whopping eight Tony Awards.

The last woman to earn EGOT status is comedienne and actress Whoopi Goldberg.  She began her journey with a Grammy Award in 1986 and has since added two Emmy’s, an Oscar, and a Tony.

Composer Robert Lopez joined the EGOT club in 2014 after earning his first of two Oscars; he also has two Emmy’s, two Grammy’s, and two Tony’s.

John Legend joined the EGOT club in 2018 – one of three to do so – when he earned his first of two Oscars in 2015 for “Glory” from the film “Selma”.  He later added a second Oscar and has a Tony, two Emmy’s, and six Grammy Awards.  His second Emmy and a Grammy were won after achieving EGOT status.

Sir John Gielgud won his first of two Tony Awards in 1948; he has since added a second Tony, an Emmy, a Grammy, and an Oscar.

Composer and conductor Marvin Hamlisch was a dear friend to many entertainers and a beloved conductor of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.  He began his journey toward EGOT status in 1973 with an Oscar for the music from “The Way We Were”.  He later added a Tony for “A Chorus Line”, a Grammy for “The Way We Were” and three Emmy Awards.

Jonathan Tunick earned his EGOT status in the field of music with an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award.

He may have won only one Emmy, one Grammy, and one Oscar award, but Scott Rudin has a trophy case full of Tony Awards with 17!  The awards include music for “Passion”, “The Book of Mormon”, “Death of a Salesman”, and “Hello, Dolly!”.

Half of one of the most prolific musical creators on Broadway, Lod Andrew Lloyd Webber earned his EGOT status in 2018 after finally winning an Emmy Award to go along with his on Oscar, three Grammy’s, and four Tony Awards.

The second half of that team is Tim Rice who along with Lord Andrew has created numerous Broadway musicals.  He also earned his EGOT status in 2018 with an Emmy Award.  Rice also has three Grammy’s, three Oscars, and two Tony Awards.

The final member of the EGOT club is Alan Menken who earned his status in 2020 with an Emmy Award for a song in the series “Waiting in the Wings”. Menken also has one Tony, four Oscars, and five Grammy Awards.

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