Football fans starved to see some action on the grid-iron will not have to wait long. The new version of the USFL begins play next month with eight teams, 43 games, and some new rules including overtime and scoring options.

After scoring a touchdown a team will have the option of a one point pick, a two point run/pass option, or the new scrimmage equal to a first down play from the 10 yard line wthich will result in three points.

NFL fans saw some controversial overtime games in the 2021 playoffs that has sparked a great deal of conversation and speculation on future overtime games. The UFSL has created a unique answer to the issue where each team will receive a chance to score. Essentially each offense will make a two point conversion play from the two yard line in a best of three competition. If the game is still tied, the game goes into sudden death and continues until a winner is determined.

Other rule changes inclue:Unlike the NFL, two forward passes from behind the line of scrimmage is a legal play.

Each head coach gets one replay challenge. All replay decisions will be determined by the USFL Control Center in Los Angeles.

Kickoff plays are from the 25 yard line with all players on the kick off team must be within one yard of the line of scrimmage; while the receiving team must be within must have at least eight players in the “set-up zone” – the 35 to 45 yard lines. If a ball travels 20 yards without being touched by the receiving team, it becomes a dead ball and will be the receiving team’s ball at that spot.

On punts, the players must lineup inside the numbers and cannot double block any player until after the ball has been punted.

On first down plays the clock will stop within two minutes of halftime and the end of game.

The defensive pass interference penalty has many factions depending on when it occurred…tackling a receiver beyond 15 yard and no more than 15 yard past the line of scrimmage are both spot fouls. If the spot foul occurs more than 15 yards from the line of scrimmage, then the penalty becomes a 15 yard penalty.

The pass interference or ineligible player downfield penalties are null if a pass does not cross the line of scrimmage.