Homelessness in America has reached epidemic proportions in recent years, but TMZ reports that award winning rapper Kanye West has a way to help…at least in a limited capacity.

Looking to help the homeless of Los Angeles, West is proposing a fashion show with the homeless doing the modeling.

West is teaming up with David Sebastian and Skid Row Fashion Week to provide clothing for the models and to raise funds to aid the homeless in what they are calling Yeezy X Skid Row Fashion Week.

A portion of all sales will go to aid people who live on Skid Row. The factory where the clothing for the Fashion Week is made employee the homeless. Money made from the sale of the clothes will go to hire more workers at the factory.

Sebastian is also looking for a way to incorporate items found on Skid Row into the clothing…like a jacket that includes garbage bags.

The fashion line is scheduled to be released on February 22.

West and Sebastian are currently in the early stages of creating a fashion show where factory workers will be the models.

Previously, West has met with Los Angeles city leaders to address the homeless issue and ways to solve it.

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