As Covid infections once again increase across the country, government officials are beginning to re-enact restrictions and mask mandates in an attempt to try and curb the number of positive cases.

Since its reopening, Broadway has required that all attendees must have their faces covered when entering the theatre…including cast and crew.

The Broadway League has updated their protocols and beginning December 14 to include ALL audience members aged five and above to be vaccinated.  The masking policy also continues until further notice.

Children ages five to eleven must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult and have proof of at least one FDA – Food and Drug Administration – or WHO – World Health Organization – approved shot.

The new policies are in effect until February 28, 2022 at which time the policies will be re-evaluated.

Since its reopening, Broadway has had a few shows cancelled due to positive diagnosis among cast or crew members, but as of December 5, 2021 more than two million people have attended one of the shows on Broadway with over 2,000 performances.