Icelandic born musician and artist Jonsi formed the band Sigur Ros where he also created a language of vocalizations instead of singing lyrics to create a new musical genre that fused rock and new age music known as ambient rock.

Music is not the only place that Jonsi creates unique and one of a kind artistic creations.

Inspired by the recent eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano, Jonsi is presenting his newest art exhibit titled “Obsidian”.  This is his first solo exhibition and his second at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in New York City.

The exhibit opens on October 30 and runs through December 17, 2021.

Fagradalsfjall sat dormant for over 800 years but with the global pandemic still clenching the world in its claws, Jonsi was unable to travel back to his homeland to see the historic event first hand.  Jonsi has created two multi dimensional art installations that touch all of the senses. 

Using a tonal palette that includes sounds from nature, his own voice, and mechanically generated frequencies to create the sounds; and includes some invigorating scents from nature with his visual creations to create his works.

The ground floor installation features a choral work in four parts whose lyrics are similar to those of Sigur Ros’ music to create a soundscape of rocks and lava while smells of fossilized amber and smoke help to give the appearance of standing inside a volcano.

Upstairs visitors will find sculptures created out of resin and obsidian glass with the smell of burnt birch trees and crackling sounds in the air to give the illusion of the volcano coming to life.

A third installation features a giant metal flower with LED lights that pulsate with the smell of ozone in the air.  The exhibit eventually will cause the visitor to close their eyes and even produce a trance like effect.

A destructive force to be sure, a volcano also leaves a new creation in its wake.

The Tanya Bonakdar Gallery is located at 521 West 21st Street in New York City, NY

feature photo credit: Jónsi (Jón Þór Birgisson) (8070717818).jpg