Feuds among NASCAR drivers is as old as the sport itself. Some were simply an exchange of words while others escalated into some knock down drag out fist fights. But one this in for sure…they all started on the track and involved multiple tracks before the dust…or rubber….settled.

On October 10, the most recent feud came to a point that has NASCAR officials stepping in and saying enough is enough.

During the road course race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval, Kevin Harvick rear ended Chase Elliott, sending Elliott into the wall which resulted in some significant damage to Elliott’s car. The wreck put both drivers in danger of being eliminated from the playoffs.

With just eleven laps remaining in the race, Elliott was closing in on Harvick’s car when Harvick hit the wall hard and crashed out of the race. As a result, Harvick was also eliminated from the playoffs – the first time since the creation of the playoff system that Harvick has not advanced past the round of 12.

NASCAR officials have stepped in and held a conference call with the parties involved.

Chase Elliott’s crew chief Alan Gustafson spoke on the phone call saying, “they try to allow the competitors to compete and the competitors to be the ones to determine the outcome of the races and let the competitors take care of it on their own. I think that’s the way it should be, right? The story shouldn’t be NASCAR, it should be about the competitors, racing and being the best they can be.” He added, “the message that NASCAR has delivered is they tried to do the best job they could do in allowing it to happen and they’re over it.

While the exact results of any future “incidents” were spelled out, NASCAR indicated that the consquences would be serious.

NASCAR Senior Vice President of Competition Scott Miller also spoke on the phone call saying, “now, we’ve had Bristol, which one felt slighted on, and obviously (Sunday), which the other feels slighted on, so hopefully we can put a truce in place there. But we will just continue to monitor the situation and try not to let it get out of control. We don’t want to park anybody. We want all the fans to see the drivers that they came out to see, so that’ll try to be a last resort. If we keep seeing things, then we will absolutely have to take some sort of action there.”