When “The Voice” ended on Monday night, Gershika Maple was about to announce which of the coaches she wanted to be her coach. Kelly had chosen Jeremy Rosado as the winner of the battle and was unable to save Gershika since she had already used her save. John and Ariana pushed their buttons to steal.

Ariana has also used her save; leaving only Blake and John with a save remaining.

Gershika chose to join Team Legend. John is the first coach to use his steal.

Blake paired Lana Scott and Hailey Green for a battle of “Girl”. John called them both great singers. Kelly said that both girls held their own. Ariana liked both of the girl’s tones; adding that it was not an easy choice. Saying that it is his least favourite part of the show, Blake chose Hailey as the winner of the battle. As Lana was walking off the stage, Blake used his save on Lana.

In a video clip…
Blake paired Libianca and Tommy Edwards for a battle with Libianca as the winner.
Kelly paired Carolina Alonso and Xavier Cornell for a battle with Xavier as the winner.

Ariana paired Katherine Ann Mohler and Vaughan Mugol for a battle of “Dilemma”. John called the performance really fun. Kelly called it a well matched battle. Ariana called the performance “so good”. Ariana chose Katharine as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, John paired Samara Brown and BritttanyBree for a performance of “Something He Can Feel”. Kelly said that their voices are insane; adding she loved every minute. Blake said that he was so blown away; adding that they owned the moment. Ariana called them both spectacular. John said that they both did exactly what they were supposed to do. John chose BrittanyBree as the winner of the battle. John pushed his button to save Samara. Ariana and Kelly chose to steal Samara. Samara chose to stay with Team Legend.

Team Ariana:
Katie Rae
Bella DeNapoli – save
David Vogel
Katharine Ann Mohler

Team Legend:
Samuel Harness
Gershika Maple – steal
Samara Brown – save

Team Kelly:
A Girl Named Tom
Kensey Rose – save
Jeremy Rosado
Xavier Cornell

Team Blake:
Peedy Chavis
Hailey Green
Lana Scott – save