Earlier this year Country music singer Morgan Wallen found himself in a spot of bother when a video popped up of him using a racial slur.

Radio stations stopped playing his music, his record label Big Loud suspended his contract, and the Academy of Country Music pulled his music from eligibility for any of the ACM awards.

Wallen has since apologized and despite telling fans not to defend his actions, saw a marked increase in album sales in the weeks following the incident.

Being seen at or invited to appear at an award show always provides a big boost for any artist.

But this year the Country Music Association has decided that they will NOT invite Morgan Wallen to appear at their annual awards show despite his being nominated for one of the awards. This will be the first time in CMA;s 55 year history that they have chosen not to invite an award nominee.

Wallen received a nomination for his album “Dangerous”; but was deemed ineligible for any nomination in the artist categories by the CMA including Entertainer of the Year. The Album of the Year nomination is Wallen’s first major award nomination.