When the Covid pandemic broke out, the NBA was in the middle of its season. The league adapted and continued to hold games in “a bubble” with no fans in the stands.

The NBA is about to start their third season facing Covid protocols and in some cases they will be severe.

With 90 percent of the players already vaccinated, there are some holdouts. The NBA has announced that it is proposing all of its players to get the vaccine. Players who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to carry on in a “normal” fashion.

The proposed rules for those players who are refusing to get vaccinated will be very strict and include no close association with vaccinated players; masking at all times; stay at home orders with no going to bars, clubs, restaurants, and large indoor gatherings. Unvaccinated players will not be allowed to eat in the same room as their vaccinated team mates. On the road, unvaccinated players will have to stay at the hotel unless traveling to or playing in a game.

Unvaccinated players will be tested on any day where they will be around team mates – practice, travel, game, and team activity days. Players who are vaccinated will not be subject to such strict testing.

The NBA has made the proposals, but before they become a requirement to play in the league, the NBA Players’ Association must approved them. Previously, the NBAPA has shied away from any vaccine mandate.

However, players who reside in and play for teams in cities like San Francisco and New York City face extra scrutiny because there are ordinances in place that require them to be vaccinated in order to play. The NBA has said that any player who has to miss a game due to the city ordinances will not be paid for those games.

Any vaccinated player who is expected of a positive exposure will have to be tested for seven consecutive days but will not be required to quarantine; however, unvaccinated players will be required to quarantine for seven days.

While the new proposals have yet to be voted on by the NBAPA, the rules that were put in place last season still apply including masking inside team facilities, while traveling, and while sitting on the bench no matter the vaccine status. Head coaches are exempt from the masking rule during games. All stat crews, team attendants, and referees are required to be vaccinated.