The 32 National Football League owners met virtually April 21 and have made a few adjustments to the rules of play but have tabled an onside kicking rule proposed by the Philadelphia Eagles.

There will be no more overtime in pre-season games which are being shortened due to an expanded regular season.

In a ruling that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady calls a bad move, the NFL owners have approved an expansion of uniform numbers for wide receivers, running backs, and defensive backs. The League noted that expansion of the uniform numbers was a matter of necessity with 16 practice players, a 52 man roster, and retired uniform numbers. The rule change was originally proposed by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Under the new ruling running backs, tight ends, fullbacks, halfbacks, and wide receivers may now choose any open number between one and 49 or 80 to 89; defensive backs may select a number one to 49, linebackers from one to 50 and 90 to 99, offensive linemen can choose between 50 and 79, and defensive linemen can choose between 50 and 79 or 90 to 99. Quarterbacks, kickers, and punters will continue to select a number from one to 19.

On field officials will now have expanded options when reviewing plays including asking for “objective information” form a replay officials.

The Philadelphia Eagles had proposed that a team be given two chances each game to keep possession of the ball after scoring on a fourth and 15 conversion from the 25 yard line – the current option in lieu of the onside kick. Some of the teams felt the move was “too gimicky” and the proposal was tabled.

However, if a team chooses to attempt an onside kick, the offense may have the maximum number of players in the setup zone; while the defense is limited to nine players. This rule is currently on a one year trial basis.

The NFL will be cracking down on potential taunting penalties this season. The league said that there were too many potential taunting penalties las season.

Other rule changes include enforcement of accepted penalties during extra point attempts and adding a loss of down penalty for two passes from behind the line of scrimage on a single play.

The 2021 season will be the first time that the teams will play a regular season of 17 games.

The new schedule will be released on May 12.