Just in time for his birthday, INXS founder and host for “Rock Star: INXS” Andrew Farris is releasing his self-titled solo album.

Like the rest of the world, Farris’ album was delayed a year by the Covid-19 virus.

Out March 19, Farris performs songs of nature, history, love, and cultural spirituality on this world journey of music.

The album is available as a digital download, on streaming platforms, and in a special edition vinyl that features moving characters as it moves on the turntable.


Farris spoke on the new album saying, “one of the reasons many people have warmed to country music, is that it isn’t just happy songs.  It is the sad songs; it is the gritty subjects that som e genres of music won’t go near. That is something that attracts me as a songwriter. I don’t want to chase what train everyone else is on, I want to stay true to what I do as a songwriter, and keep a frontier sense of freedom. When I was putting the album together, I steered away from cliches, plus I wanted to put my own personality in it. If my album doesn’t sound like anyone else, then that is good.”  Farris spoke on the vinyl adding, “as well as digital, I was passionate about wanting my album released on vinyl as I think music on vinyl is tangible – physically attractive with the right artwork. To me this is important in the current digital music avalanche.”

feature photo credit: courtesy of 2911 Media