I’ts the final week of blind auditions on “The Voice”. Each of the coaches have seven singers on their teams…and there are no more steals available.

Savannah Woods gets the night of music started off and grabs Nick’s attention early on in the song. Kelly joins Nick at the very end of the song. Nick said that Savannah’s tone is incredible; adding that he was able to feel that she has something to say. Blake noted that Savannah is very laid back. John noted that he could hear Savannah’s confidence. Kelly said that she loved the powerful notes in the performance; adding that she loves a creepy vibe. Savannah chose Kelly to be her coach.

Rachel Mac has had music be a part of her life since she was little. She loves Blake and would love it if he would be her coach. Once again Nick pushed his button in hopes of landing a singer; and this time he was the only one. Rachel was very excited when she first saw Blake. John noted that it was cool she had such a strong vibrato but needs to tune it down a bit. Kelly said that Rachel is ahead of the game at 15. Nick said that he could tell Rachel was in theatre.

Alamond&Olive is a female/male folk duo; the first duo this season, but failed to turn any chairs. Kelly said that at time she couldn’t hear and wished she could have heard them without a mic. Nick said that the package was interesting.

Calling it a lifelong dream, Lindsay Joan takes the stage. She began musical theatre when she was just six years old and turned it into working with a touring group for “Kinky Boots”. It took a while but Nick and Blake pushed their buttons almost together. Kelly said that Lindsay has a huge pop vocal voice; adding that she should have turned. John noted that Lindsay felt a little unsteady in the lower notes. Blake said that he knew Lindsay had nerves but channeled into something; adding that she could be unstoppable. Nick noted that Lindsay needs to find confidence in her voice; adding that he could help her with that. Saying that it is very difficult, Lindsay chose Nick to be her coach.

Rio Doyle has had music be a part of her life since she was very small – her mom had a band. She has even shared the stage with her mom. It didn’t take John long to push his button. John gave her a standing ovation for her performance of Adele’s “When We Were Young”. Nick called it an excellent performance. Kelly said that Rio has a cool tone but noted it sounded at times like she swallowed the words. John said that he was excited to get to work with Rio.

Jordan Matthew Young grew up swinging a hammer, building homes with his family’s business…then came rock and roll. But he chose a country styled song for his audition that got Blake, Kelly, and Nick to turn their chairs. Blake said that Jordan had a little bit of shaky start; adding that he doesn’t sound like anyone else in country. Kelly brought in a video of Gwen to help out, saying don’t pick Blake. Nick loved the performance. Saying that it was incredibly difficult, Jordan chose Blake to be his coach.

Tyler Kohrs calls Nashville home and plays country music. He failed to turn any chairs. Kelly said that Tyler sounded pitchy; adding that if he learned a song and came back. Blake noted that they didn’t really get a chance to hear who he is because of the nerves.

Zania Alake comes from an artistic family and is looking to make music a full time gig. She is currently in two bands and has a day job in a bank. John was quick to turn his chair after hearing Zania’s opening notes of “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker. Kelly pushed her button near the end of the song. John noted that they were lucky when they get people from Michigan on the show. Kelly said that Zania showed them how to sing the song. John said that it was magical how Zania performed the song so effortlessly. Nick called it an excellent performance. Zania chose John to be her coach.

Savanna Chestnut comes from a small town in Kansas. While a country music artist, she chose a song by the Thompson Twins for her audition. Blake pushed his button for Savanna near the end of the song. John loved ther version of the song. Kelly agreed that it was a great interpretation. Blake noted that her version of the song showed the songwriter in her.

First generation Jamaican American Nadianicole has performed in various bands and groups but failed to turn any of the coach’s chairs. Nick liked what she was doing but found a few things shaky. John noted that she was behind the beat. Kelly applauded her changing up the song. Blake noted some pitch issues.

In the final audition of the night, Anna Grace has always loved music but felt she was never good enough. A blood infection changed all that; saying that she would not be here without music. Anna loves Kelly and would like for Kelly to be her coach. She chose a Billie Eilish song for her audition – the first performance outside of church. Kelly, Nick, and John were quick to push their buttons almost at the same time; and Blake makes it a four chair turn. John loved the nuances in the song. Kelly loved the song…and her voice.Kelly noted that there were a few shaky parts. Blake said that Anna did a good job of walking the line between the original and her own. Nick said that Anna is one of the best voices on the show. John said that any of them would be lucky to coach Anna. Saying that she has been thinking about it for a while, Anna chose Kelly to be her coach.

The Blind Auditions conclude on Tuesday

Team Kelly:
Kenzie Wheeler
Corey Ward
Gean Garcia
Ryleight Modig
Halley Greg
JD Casper
Savannah Woods
Anna Grace

Team Nick:
Dana Monique
Devan Blake Jones
Raine Stern
Zae Romero
Andrew Marshall
Jose Figeuroa Jr
Bradley Sinclair
Rachel Mac
Lindsay Joan

Team Blake:
Cam Anthony
Pete Mroz
Aaron Gonzelman
Ethan Lively
Emma Caroline
Avery Robertson
Connor Christian
Jordan Matthew Young
Savanna Chestnut

Team Legend:
Christine Cain
Victor Solomon
Carolina Rial
Pia Renee
Ciana Pelekai
Durel Anthony
Deion Warren
Rio Doyle
Zania Alake