For thousands of years Jews have gathered each spring to celebrate the holiday of Pesach (Passover) and their emancipation from slavery under the Pharaohs.

The celebration includes a seder where the story of the Exodus is told as a part of the ceremonial dinner.  The reading of the story, the prayers, and pomp and circumstance are all included in the Haggadah.

Over the past few years Dave Cowen has created various versions of the traditional Haggadah where political figures help to tell the story.

With a new administration in the White House including a Jewish Vice President, Cowen has created “The Biden – Harris Haggadah” featuring the First family, Second family, and members form the administration.  Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Merrick Garland, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and numerous Jewish comedians also make appearances in the book.

Whether you want a traditional seder with all of the prayers or a light hearted event; “The Biden – Harris Haggadah” fits the bill.  All the proper blessings have been included in Hebrew, transliteration, and English. 

Even those who do not celebrate the holiday of Pesach will enjoy the comedic tones of the book.

And a portion of the sales from the book go to Jewish charities.