“The Voice” continues week one of their 20th season with more blind auditions after nine singers found teams on the last night’s premiere.

As night two begins, Kelly has already used her block on Blake.  Blake, Kelly, and John all have two singers each; but Nick has three singers on his team.

Night two begins with Gean Garcia who is the son of a Spanish Christian artist and has even recorded with his dad.  He gave his audition playing a solo guitar.  Blake pushed his button early, but when Nick pushed his button, he discovered that Blake had blocked him.  Near the end of the song, Kelly pushed her button to make it a three way chair turn.  John said that Gean has a voice that is almost haunting.  Kelly said that Gean moved her.  Blake said that he was passionate about Gean’s voice; adding that people could connect with Gean.  Gean chose Kelly to be his coach.

Aaron Gonzelman is the son of Christian music artists who grew up with music.  He now performs music with his wife.  John and Blake pushed their buttons together.  Blake noted that they don’t get a lot of artists like Aaron on the show; adding that he and Aaron have a lot in common.  John noted that Aaron’s voice was raspy and passionate at the same time.  Aaron chose Blake to be his coach.

Carolina Rial has always had music as a part of her life.  The daughter of a Bolivian mother and a Spanish father, Carolina is a first generation American.  John and Nick turned their chairs together.  Carolina brought John to his feet.  Nick said that Carolina has the kind of voice that this show is about; adding that she is very talented.  John called Carolina’s performance a “tour de force”.  Kelly said that Carolina has a beautiful voice but felt she used too many riffs.  Carolina chose John to be her coach.  Kelly and Nick joined in on John’s improv song for Carolina.

Ethan Lively is an east Tennessee native and a farm boy who is still in high school but is looking to make music a career.  The 17 year old chose a George Strait song for his audition but had to wait for a while before Blake turned his chair.  Blake noted that he was a little embarrassed that the other coaches didn’t turn their chairs.  Kelly called Ethan, “so charming”.

Making his home in Oklahoma, Blake has been ragging on his fellow coaches about being Hollywood.  Blake is engaged to Hollywood with Gwen Stefani.

Yellsmiles has been singing and creating art since she was a child; but failed to turn any chairs.  John noted that there was an edge to her voice but didn’t quite showcase her voice.  Nick said that she can turn the no into a yes down the road.

Closing out the auditions for week one, Zae Romeo grew up in Texas where he was adopted with his siblings when he was six.  He chose “Fallen” by Harry Styles for his audition and had Kelly leading the only four chair turn of the night.  The coaches were on their feet after the performance.  Blake said that Zae has a unique voice.  John noted that Zae’s performance had a lot of twists and turns; adding that he has a beautiful gift.  Nick called the performance spiritual and phenomenal.  Kelly called the performance emotional; adding that she loved his voice.  Zae chose Nick to be his coach.

Team Kelly:
Kenzie Wheeler
Corey Ward
Gean Garcia

Team Nick:
Dana Monique
Devan Blake Jones
Raine Stern
Zae Romero

Team Blake:
Cam Anthony
Pete Mroz
Aaron Gonzelman
Ethan Lively

Team Legend:
Christine Cain
Victor Solomon
Carolina Rial