The annual Razzie Awards pay homage to the worst of Hollywood.

For the 41st annual awards ceremony, The Razzies – Golden Raspberry Awards – have created a special category for the Worst Calendar Year in honour of pandemic plagued 2020.  It is unclear as to exactly who will receive the Special Govern’s Award at the April 24 ceremonies, but 2020 will officially be known as “The Worst Calendar Year EVER!”

The Razzies are traditionally handed out on the evening before the annual Academy Award ceremonies honouring the best in film on the “biggest night in Hollywood” with the passing out of “The Giving Out of the Little Gold Naked Men”.

Following the new guidelines released for the Oscars, the Razzies too have adopted some new rules to reflect the changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic…

For the first time in Razzie history, films that were released directly to streaming services will be eligible for Razzie nominations…and  possible wins.

While the nominations will not be released until some time in March; early contenders are the big budges bomb “Dolittle”, “Iron Mask” with Jackie Chang and Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and the Polish “365 Days” which has a zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Winners for the Razzies are determined by the more than 1,000 Golden Raspberry members from around the world.

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