It’s finals week on “The Voice” and the five remaining  singers battle it out for the fan vote and the title of “The Voice” for season 19.

The finalists will sing twice tonight – a new cover song and an original song.

Team Gwen’s fifteen year old Carter Rubin gets the night of music started off with “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus.  Blake said that he is a fan.  Gwen called Carter unbelievable; adding that he is meant to do this.

Team Kelly’s Desz performed her original song “Holy Ground”.  Host Carson Daly said that it was like being at a Desz concert.  John said that Desz is fantastic.  An emotional Coach Kelly said that they needed the song and the message; adding that Desz is crazy talented and the best vocalist she has ever heard.

Team Blake’s Ian Flanigan performs “In Color” by Jamie Johnson.  Ian was saved last week by fans in the instant save.  John noted that they all love Ian and appreciate his unique voice; adding that Ian is inspiring.  Blake wonders whether Ian is from the past or the future; adding that he is iconic sounding.

Team Blake’s second finalist Jim Ranger performs his original song “Last”.  Gwen said that it was such a pretty song; adding that Jim has a beautiful voice.  She noted that Jim can do anything with his voice.  John noted that Jim’s heart comes through in everything he sings; adding that he tells stories with his heart.  Coach Blake said that it was almost like Jim was giving him advice…on how to make a marriage last. 

Closing out round one is Team Legend’s John Holiday performed his original song “Where Do We Go” that he dedicates to his fans.  Kelly said that it was a song she could never cover; adding that there was no room to breathe and John breezed through it.  Coach John noted that John Holiday is so versatile and continues to challenge himself…and master everything he does.

Desz returns for a performance of “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac – a song she choice to perform – and brought the coaches to their feet.  Carson said that he has heard the song hundreds of times, but never Deszified like that.  Saying that he took the words right out of her mouth, Gwen noted that the performance was so beautiful and understated, tasteful, and emotional.  Coach Kelly said that Desz does things vocally that no one else can do; adding that it is all the things she desires to do…and will never reach.

Taking a break from the competition, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani take the stage for a performance of their number one hit “Happy Anywhere”.

Ian Flanigan returns to perform his original song “Never Learn”.  Ian said that the song spoke to him as a parent.  Blake called Ian’s voice a “friendly monster”.  John said that it was a great song choice; adding that Ian sang it with such beauty and wisdom.  Coach Blake called Ian’s voice majestic and larger than life; adding that it lent itself to a song like that.

John Holiday returns to perform “Halo” by Beyonce.  Carson noted that John hit every note on every scale known to man.  Kelly loves that John likes a challenge; adding that the performance was beautiful.  Kelly said that she has never heard anyone in her life like John.  Coach John agreed with Kelly that there is no one like John; adding that he has an out of this world gift.

Carter returns to perform his original song “Up from Here”.  Coach Gwen said that she is proud of Carter; adding that she can’t wait to see what happens after the show.

Closing out the night is Jim Ranger with the iconic classic “With a Little Help from My Friends”.  Carson said that was how you ended a finale.  Kelly said it was Jim’s best performance of the show; adding that it felt like it could be his original.  Gwen agreed with Kelly; adding that Jim felt like a big star.  Coach Blake said that Jim let it all out.  John said that Jim was preaching.

On the Tuesday results show a new winner will be crowned.