Football is not aa contact sport, it is a collision sport with plays that sometimes can be rather violent; however, there are rules…and the NFL does not look kindly on those players who violate those rules.

On December 7, the NFL suspended Cincinnati Bengals safety Shawn Williams and Tennessee Titans defensive end Teair Tart for conduct unbecoming a professional football player.

In what the NFL is calling “unacceptable extracurricular activities” in violation of “unnecessary roughness and unsportsmanlike conduct rules”, were suspended for “intentionally stepping” on members of the opposing team.

Both players are expected to appeal the penalties; which will be heard in the next few days.

After Cleveland Browns’ Wyatt Teller sent Tart into the backfield in a play during the second quarter, Tart stepped on Teller’s leg.  The Browns beat the Titans 41-35.

During the Miami Dolphins Cincinnati Bengals game, Shawn Williams stepped on the leg of Miami Dolphins’ guard Solomon Kindley while the players were extricating themselves from a scrum at the end of a play late in the second quarter.  The Dolphins beat the Bengals 19-7.