Major League Baseball has long had policies in place in response to players who violate the League’s substance abuse policies.

On November 18, The League office announced that New York Mets second baseman Robinson Cano has been suspended for using the Performance Enhancing Drug Stanozolol.  Cano’s gas been suspended 162 games – the entirety of the 2021 playing season, provided a regular season is played.  He must also forfeit his 2021 salary of $24 million.

This is not the first time Cano has faced suspension for violating the League’s drug policies.  He was suspended 80 games during the 2018 playing season while playing for the Seattle Mariners for using the diuretic furosemide.

Mets president Sandy Alderson spoke on the news saying, “we were extremely disappointed to be informed about Robinson’s suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.  The violation is very unfortunate for him, the organization, our fans and the sport. The Mets fully support MLB’s efforts toward eliminating performance enhancing substances from the game.”

Cano’s statistics could get him into the Hall of Fame once his playing days are over; but despite a career .303 batting average with 2,624 hits, and 334 homers the voting body of the Baseball Writers Association of America have been reluctant to vote anyone into The Hall who has been suspended or even suspected of violating the league’s drug policies.

It is unclear as to whether the Mets, who have recently been bought out and under new management, will retain Cano through his contract in 2023.  The Mets are under a significant financial obligation to Cano – over $40 million.

Should Cano be caught violating the league’s policies for a third time, he will be banned from baseball.