The blind auditions are over an it is time for the battles to begin on “The Voice”. Each of the coaches have brought in some special artists to help mentor the team members.

John Legend has brought in Miguel
Blake Shelton has brought in Kane Brown
Kelly Clarkson has brought in Leon Bridges
Gwen Stefani has brought in Julia Michaels

“The Voice” is working hard this season to keep everyone safe. The places where the artists work with the singers has them separated. The big boxing ring stage has been changed to two smaller stages to promote social distancing. Because there are no masks, the show is emphasizing the separation for safety.

Kicking off the battle rounds is Team Blake with the family trio Worth the Wait and Taryn Papa for a battle of “Little White Church” by Little Big Town. John noted that it was fun to watch. Gwen is curious to see what happens next with the trio. Gwen said that Taryn held her own; adding that Worth the Wait sounded great together. Kelly noted that Taryn has an incredible range; adding that the trio sounds like one voice. Coach Blake said that Taryn reminds him of Casidee Pope and Mia from Worth the Wait reminds him of Danielle Bradbury – both who went on to win the show on Team Blake. Blake chose Worth the Wait as the winner of the battle.

Blake pushed his button to save Taryn Papa.

Each coach gets one save and one steal in this round.

Team Legend paired up Tamara Jade and Olivia Reyes for a battle of “Hard Place” by H.E.R. Gwen called the performance interesting. Kelly noted that both singers are completely different but were both great. Blake felt that it was an equal battle between the two singers. John said that both of them were fantastic. John chose Tamara as the winner of the battle.

Kelly, sporting a patch on her right eye after an infection, paired Madeline Consoer and Eli Zamora for a battle of “Nobody Wants to Be Lonely” by Ricky Martin and Christine Aguelera. Eli helped Madeline with the Spanish in the song. This is Leon Bridges first time appearing on “The Voice”. Both singers performed in English and Spanish. Blake said that they felt like they were going to break up Donnie and Marie; adding that they should form a duo. Kelly noted that they did so well together because they worked as a team; adding that both did an amazing job. Kelly chose Madeline as the winner of the battle.

Gwen chose to pair Lauren Frihauf and Payge Turner for a battle of “If the World was Ending” that features mentor Julia Michaels. Kelly called the performance intense. Blake noted that both singers were great. John said that both girls did an excellent job of portraying what the songwriter wanted to convey. Gwen was impressed by both performances; adding that it will probably be her hardest decision. Gwen chose Payge as the winner of the battle.

John pushed his button to steal Lauren Frihauf. Blake also pushed his button to steal. Lauren chose John to be her new coach.

Blake paired his one chair turns Payton Lamar and Jus Jon for the Sam Smith song “Dancing with a Starnger”. John said that they had great energy together. Gwen loved the performance. Blake noted that they put in the work during rehearsals; adding that he is a super proud grandpa. Blake chose Jus Jon as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, John paired up Sid Kingsley and Bailey Rae for a performance of “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton. Gwen called the performance exciting. John said that they both gave a fantastic performance. Saying that both of them was incredible, John chose Bailey as the winner of the battle.

Kelly pushed her button to steal Sid.

Team Blake:
Worth the Wait
Taryn Papa – save
Jus Jon

Team Legend:
Tamara Jade
Lauren Frihauf – steal
Bailey Rae

Team Kelly:
Madeline Consoer
Sid Kingsley – steal

Team Gwen:
Payge Turner