It’s the final night of the blind auditions on “The Voice”. The coaches will fill their teams of 10 singers.

Blake, Gwen, and Kelly all have eight singers on their teams; while John has seven artists.

First up is Julia Cooper who has been singing since she was five years old. It didn’t take long for John to turn his chair; Gwen and Kelly quickly joined him in turning their chairs. Noting that he is also from Ohio, John said that he feels that they were meant to be together; adding that she had a super cool tone. Kelly said that she is a big fan of Julia’s voice; adding that she doesn’t sound like anybody else. Gwen noted that she knows how to connect with people through her story. Julia chose John to be her coach.

Saying music is life, Apropos has been around music all of his life. He had Sir Elton John introduce his song on a radio program. He chose “I Heard it Through the Grapvine” for his audition but failed to turn any chairs. John liked his tone but felt he didn’t show off his range. Blake and Gwen told him that he has to come back.

John Sullivan grew up playing the piano but waited until he outgrew baseball before turning to music. Playing the guitar, John sang “Operator” by Jim Croce for his audition and got Blake to turn his chair. Gwen also turned her chair. John said that they were all impressed with his tone. Blake loved the song choice; adding that he had perfect pitch and was a storyteller. Gwen said that he had an honest voice. John chose Blake to be his coach.

Fifteen year old Skylar Alivia Mayton got Kelly’s attention early for a one chair turn. Skylar was hpoing that Kelly would be her coach. Kelly said that she was stoked to learn that Skylar was that young and that talented.

John and Gwen were quick to turn their chairs for Lain Roy. Lain said that he was freaking out. Gwen said that Lain was a really good singer. Lain noted that his mother was a touring singer; adding that he sang a John Legengd song in 10th grade. Saying that she has been doing this (music) for so long, Gwen feels that she has something to offer. Blake said that Gwen is good at selling a ton of albums. Lain chose Gwen to be his coach.

Jared Ming calls Hawaii home where he tended bar and performed Country music but failed to turn any chairs. Gwen noted that he has a great range but was pitchy. John noted that he has a voice for the radio. Blake noted that Jared sounds more like a Country crooner. John told Jared he should come back.

For the first time on “The Voice” the female trio Worth the Wait – a mom and daughter group – comes to the show. It only took three notes for Bwen to turn her chair; Blake, John, and Kelly quickly followed for a four chair turn. Gwen was shocked when she turned around and saw three of them. Kelly loved the harmonies. Blake thought it was the perfect name, noting that he has one spot on his team…and he was waiting. Blake said that he would be proud to have them on his team. John noted that he isn’t an expert on Country, but he does know about harmony and working with family. The group chose Blake to be their coach.

Blake becomes the first coach to fill his team.

Emmalee said that she always knew she wanted to be a singer. She had one of her songs appear on “The Young and the Restless”. She chose a stripped down version of the Whitney Houston song “How Will I Know” for her audition and had John and Kelly turning their chairs after only a few notes. Blake said that it was a really cool version of the song. John said that Emmalee executed the song beautifully. Gwen said that she had never heard the song done that way before. Kelly also thought that Emmalee has a beautiful tone; adding that she has air for days. Emmalee chose Kelly to be her coach.

Kelly’s team is now full.

Bailey Rae has been clogging since she was five and singing in the church since she was seven and has been performing every since…including one of Blake Shelton’s venues. John didn’t wait long to turn his chair and finally got himself a Country music singer. Blake made his pitch to steal Bailey during the battle rounds. John noted that music is universal.

Labour delivery nurse Neci loves what she does but singing is something she wants to do. She sang “God Bless the Child” for her audition but failed to turn any chairs. Blake noted that Neci is a gifted singer; John agreed but heard some pitch issues. Gwen noted that she was very close to turning her chair.

Tori Miller was raised on classic Country and grew up on the stage performing those songs. Singing “When You Say Nothing at All”, Tori got Gwen to turn her chair. Now Gwen also has a Country singer on her team. Gwen said that she loves Tori’s voice.

Gwen’s team is now filled.

In the final audition, John finds his perfect person in drummer James Pyle. After performing only three times in public, James wows John with his performance. Kelly said that she wanted to push her button; adding that James is super fantastic. Gwen said that James’ voice is unreal; adding that he is one of the best singers she’s heard. Gwen said that if James is available for a steal, she will do it. John called it a masterful performance. Blake called James an incredible singer.

And with that John fills his team and the blind auditions are over.

Next week the Battle Rounds begin…

Team Legend:
Tamara Jade
John Holiday
Cami Clune
Sid Kingsley
Rio Souma
Olivia Reyes
Julia Cooper
Bailey Rae
James Pyle

Team Gwen:
Lauren Frihauf
Payge Turner
Liam St. John
Chloe Hogan
Ryan Berg
Carter Rubin
Larriah Jackson
Van Andrew
Lain Roy
Tori Miller

Team Kelly:
Joseph Soul
Eli Zamora
Marisa Corvo
Madeline Consoer
Ryan Gallagher
Kelsie Watts
Tanner Gomes
Skylar Alivia Mayton

Team Blake:
Ian Flanigan
Jim Ranger
Taryn Papa
Aaron Scott
Jus Jon
Ben Allen
Sam Stacey
Payton Lamar
John Sullivan
Worth the Wait