When the Monday episode of “The Voice” Blind Auditions went off the air, everyone was left in limbo as to who the night’s only four chair turn would choose to be her coach.

Deszi chose Kelly to be her coach!

Kelly now has seven singers on her team; while Gwen, John, and Blake each have six singers.

Olivia Reyes made the shower her stage when she was younger, but season two winner Jermane Paul’s daughter signed her up in a surprise audition.  This is Olivia’s first public performance.  She chose the Harry Styles song “Fallen” for her audition.  John was the first one to push his button; Gwen joined him at the end of the song.  John said that Olivia had a clear tone.  Kelly said that she has a wonderful voice.  Gwen noted that it was more about singing; adding that she could help Olivia with that.  Olivia chose John to be her coach.

Tony Mason comes from a musical family and was a part of The Mason Brothers; he has been making music for over 40 years.  At 56 he is the only grandfather to audition this season.  Tony chose “What’s Going On” for his audition but failed to turn any chairs.  John said that Tony reminded him of Donny Hathaway.

Putting his own spin on “Fire and Rain”, Sam Stacey got Kelly, Gwen, and Blake to turn their chairs.  Sam traded his bank job in for a guitar and a full time music gig.  Kelly said that he has a warm tone to his voice.  Saying that he is friends with James Taylor, Blake noted that Sam is not a razzle dazzle singer but an emotional and believable singer.  Gwen said that Sam has a beautiful voice.  Sam chose Blake to be his coach.

Larriah Jackson is only 15 years old but she has already given over 350 performances.  She chose “I’ll Be There” for her audition and had Gwen turning her chair within a few measures.  Gwen said that Larriah has a rich and warm singing voice.  Blake noted that the two girls are going to have a blast.

Payton Lamar spent seven months gigging in Paris but had to wait until the very last moment of her song before Blake turned his chair.  Blake noted that it was going to be a lot of fun but also a lot of work.

The second oldest of 10, Van Andrew moved to Nashville in March; two days before a tornado and Covid hit. Gwen and Blake turned their chairs together near the end of the song.  Blake said that Van got to him at the end.  Kelly felt that there were some pitch issues.  Gwen said that Van has a unique voice; adding that its all about the song.  Blake said Van’s voice was like nothing he had ever heard; adding that Van is an awesome singer.  Saying that it is so hard, Van chose Gwen to be his coach.

In the final audition of the night, Tanner Gomes grew up on a ranch and turned to Country music for a way to escape.  He called being on “The Voice” stage one of the biggest stages ever.  Kelly was the first one to turn her chair for the Country singer; Gwen and John joined Kelly at the very end.  Blake said that Tanner is a great singer but he already has a bunch of Country artists on his team.  John said that Tanner has a rich baritone…and a great hat.  Gwen said that she has learned so much about Country music and thinks she can help Tanner.  Kelly said that Tanner’s voice has everything she loves about Country music.  Saying that he has watched the show since the first season, Tanner chose Kelly to be his coach.

Team Legend:
Tamara Jade 
John Holiday
Cami Clune
Sid Kingsley
Rio Souma
Olivia Reyes

Team Gwen:
Lauren Frihauf
Payge Turner
Liam St. John
Chloe Hogan
Ryan Berg
Carter Rubin
Larriah Jackson
Van Andrew

Team Kelly:
Joseph Soul
Eli Zamora
Marisa Corvo
Madeline Consoer
Ryan Gallagher
Kelsie Watts
Tanner Gomes

Team Blake:
Ian Flanigan
Jim Ranger
Taryn Papa
Aaron Scott
Jus Jon
Ben Allen
Sam Stacey
Payton Lamar