This week on “Dancing with the Stars” the 12 remaining couple will travel back in time for 80’s week.

Before the dancing began, host Tyra Banks said that a technical issue caused her cards to have the wrong information.

Getting the night of dancing started off was Justina and Sasha with a Jazz routine to “Maniac” form “Flashdance” that included the water scene from the movie.  Derek said that is was a great way to open the show; adding that she was a “Maniac” out there.  Derek noted that this is the point where the competition really begins.  Bruno called the routine wonderful; adding that he loved Sasha’s costume.  Carrie Ann said that Justina was incredible and truly brought the 80’s.  Justina and Sasha scored 24 points for their dance.

Jesse and Sharna Tango to the music of Tears for Fears with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”.   Bruno said that Jesse started very well but then lost it.  Carrie Ann agreed with Bruno; adding she thought he was much more confident this week.  Derek noted that they are rooting for him; adding that they have to be honest, saying that it wasn’t his best dance.  Jesse and Sharna scored 19 points for their dance. 

Chrishell and Gleb Cha Cha to the music of New Kids on the Block with “The Right Stuff”.  Carrie Ann said that they had all the right stuff for the 80’s but not for the Cha Cha; adding that it was fun to watch.  Derek said that the side by side was the best part; adding that they looked amazing.  Bruno said that only they could turn a Cha Cha into “Dirty Dancing”; adding that he didn’t mind it.   A big NKOTB fan, the guys in the band sent Chrishell a video message. Chrishell and Gleb scored 19 points for their dance.

Jeannie and Brandon perform a Jazz routine to the music of Madonna with “Like a Virgin”.  Adding props is always a risk; this week Jannie and Brandon have added a bathtub into their routine.  Derek said that they looked adorable; adding that it was a simole but clean routine.  Bruno said that it was squeaky clean.  Carrie Ann said that it was an incredible performance; adding that Jeannie is an exciting dancer.  Jeannie and Brandon scored 24 point for their dance.

Monica and Val Tango to “Tainted Love”.  Bruno said that Monica was focused like a laser guided missile; adding she was on it tonight.  Carrie Ann said that it was an incredible performance; adding that Monica was a dynamic performer.  Derek noted that Monica being in the bottom last week gave her a drive; adding that it was the first Tango that moved across the floor.  Monica and Val scored 26 points for their dance.

AJ and Cheryl Waltz to “Open Arms” by Journey.  Carrie Ann said that the dance had such elegance; adding that AJ was leading Cheryl.  Derek loved the style on AJ; adding that he had great control with his feet.  Bruno said that AJ was doing all the right things.  All three judges noted that AJ needs some work on his frame.  AJ and Cheryl scored 24 points for their dance.

Teenager Skai Jackson wasn’t even born during the eighties.  Skai and Alan perform a Jazz routine to “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News featured in the film “Back to the Future”.  Derek said that the performance was fun.  Bruno said that Skai had the moves.  Carrie Ann loved the lifts; adding that Skai had moments of greatness.  Skai and Alan scored 24 points for their dance.

Vernon and Peta Tango to the music of Bon Jovi with “Living on a Prayer”.  Bruno said that Vernon was working the rock god vibe but went a bit wrong in his footwork.  Carrie Ann liked the quality of the movement.  Derek gave a huge shoutout to hair and makeup.  Derek noted that Vernon thrived in the softer dances.  Vernon and Peta scored 21 points for their dance.

Kaitlyn and Artem Tango to the music of Tiffany.  Carrie Ann said that Kaitlyn was the best in frame.  Derek loved the choreography; adding that it was a beautiful Tango.  Bruno called it an action packed blockbuster.  Kaitlyn and Artem scored 27 points for their dance.

Nelly and Daniella Samba to “Rhythm of the Night” by DeBarge.  Derek called it Nelly’s best dance so far; adding that it was a legitimate Samba.  Bruno called the dance happy, free, easy, and effortless; noting that it was a proper Samba.  Carrie Ann said that the dance made her so happy.   Nelly and Daniella scored 24 points for their dance.

Johnny and Britt perform a Contemporary routine to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler.  Jonnie was having a bit of trouble in rehearsals so Britt took him to the ice rink…and it did the trick.  Bruno said that what Johnny is doing now is being an artist.  Carrie Ann told Johnny to take a bow; adding it was incredible.  Derek called the performance perfect.  Johnny and Britt scored 29 points with tens from Carrie Ann and Derek.

Closing out the night of dancing is Nev and Jenna Quickstep to “Take on Me” by A-ha.  Carrie Ann called the night amazing.  Noting that Nev is the most consistent dancer, Carrie Ann felt Nev was a little off tonight.  Derek loved the dance; adding it was a great way to end the night.  Brtuno said that Nev took to the Quickstep like a duck to water.  Nev and Jenna scored 26 points for their dance.

80’s Week scores:
Jesse and Sharna – 19
Chrishell and Gleb – 19
Vernon and Peta – 21
Justina and Sasha – 24
Jeannie and Brandon – 24
AJ and Cheryl – 24
Skai and Alan – 24
Nelly and Daniella – 24
Monica and Val – 26
Nev and Jenna – 26
Kaitlyn and Artem – 27
Johnny and Britt – 29

 In this week’s results…
Monica and Val
Nelly and Daniella
Jeannie and Brandon
Johnny and Britt
Justina and Sasha
AJ and Cheryl
Nev and Jenna
Skai and Alan
Kaitlyn and Artem
and Chrishell and Gleb will all be returning to dance again next week.

Jesse and Sharna and Vernon and Peta are in the bottom tow and in danger of going home.

Bruno to save Vernon and Peta
Carrie Ann chose to save Vernon and Peta
Derek chose to save Vernon and Peta

Jesse and Sharna have been eliminated from the competition.

Next week Derek comes from behind the judge’s table to take to the dance floor.