The past four months has seen the world change in many ways from how we live to how we see the world.  For NASCAR’s seven time champion Jimmie Johnson, the world has gone from how he views his job as a race car driver to being turned on its head after receiving the diagnosis of a positive test for the Covid-19 virus.

Johnson had the test after his wife Chandra tested positive for the virus.  Johnson cites his wife and her, “diligence on trying to do the right thing at all times,” for the early detection and subsequent isolation for the virus.

The Johnson’s also have two young girls at home; six year old and a nine year old.

While Johnson misses being at the track and behind the wheel of his number 48 car, his main concern is for his daughters and how he can properly parent them, albeit from a distance; including allaying the fears of two little girls he cannot hold and hug.

The race at Indianapolis will mark the first time in Johnson’s long career of 663 races that he has missed a race.

Johnson will have to receive two negative tests 24 hours apart before he will be allowed back to racing.

He has won the Brickyard race in Indianapolis four times.