Since returning to racing, NASCAR has allowed fans at the track only twice when they invited Air Force personnel stationed at Homestead Air Force base and allowed 5,000 ticket buying fans to watch the race in Talladega.

When the Indianapolis 500 finally hits the track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, they will be allowing fans…but not a stadium full.

After being postponed from the annual Memorial Day weekend, The 500 has been rescheduled for August 23.

IMS has a capacity to hold 250,000 fans in the stands with the capacity to hold an additional 50,000 in the infield but when the IndyCar Series races one of the most prestigious races on the circuit, no more than 125,000 fans will be allowed in the stands.

IMS president J. Douglas Boles noted that the are committed to running the race on August 23; adding, “we will be limiting attendance to approximately 50 percent of venue capacity, and we are also finalizing a number of additional carefully considered health and safety measures. We’ll unveil the specific details of our comprehensive plan in the coming weeks.”  Boles also encourages fans in the high risk category should consider staying home and wait until 2021 to come to the race.