The 2020 Summer Olympic Games have been postponed until next summer due to the global pandemic.  But that has not stopped the athletes who continue to train and prepare for The Games.

On June 23, 2020; 141 athletes from 20 time zones in 47 sports gathered for Olympic Day events that ranged from simple squats to headstands.

The 24 hour event was broadcast on social media outlets where sports and Olympic fans could join in on the various workout events.  In a record setting event, over 400 million people across the globe joined in on the workouts.

The Olympic Day activities were designed to invite fans to stay active and celebrate the values the Olympics puts forth.

Trinidad and Tobago‘s Olympic hurdler Mikel Thomas offered up an epic 40 minute workout.  Thomas also noted, “Olympic day is to bring us all together, it unites all of us in the spirit of sport, it’s about unity. It’s a good opportunity for everyone to just build yourself, keep growing and get better; and we will get better, because that’s the whole point!”

For anyone who missed the Olympic Day live events can still join in on a workout or two by going to the Olympic Channel.