The National Hockey League’s new expansion team in Seattle has a new name and sponsor for their 18,000 seat stadium – Climate Pledge Arena sponsored by the Seattle based company Amazon.

More than just a new stadium, the arena is designed to show a neutral carbon footprint.  The arena will be powered by renewable electricity; including the Zamboni machine.  The stadium is scheduled to be ready and open for the 2021-2022 playing season.

In 2019 Amazon made an agreement with Global Optimism for corporate America to have a zero carbon footprint by 2040.

The new Climate Pledge Arena is a reconstruction of the old KeyArena.  So far, the project has cost $1 billion to upgrade the stadium to a carbon neutral facility.  The roof is the only original part of the KeyArena since it was deemed a national landmark.

Climate Pledge Arena will not feature Amazon’s name anywhere in the stadium, instead it will spotlight the awareness of needing to make changes to maintain a livable planet.

The arena will include solar panels on the roof, an electric Zamboni, use trapped rainwater to make the ice, and all solar powered electric operations.

Along with collecting rainwater – something often found in Seattle; the arena is looking at having the fans bring in rainwater they have collected to have a field of play created by the fans.

Concession vendors will not utilize single use plastics with 75 percent of the food coming from local sources.  Any unused food will be donated to local food community programs.

To aid in neutralizing the carbon footprint associated with the arena, the Seattle public transit system will be offering free bus rides to the stadium and encourage fans to leave their cars at home.

The NHL Seattle team has yet to announce a team nickname or team colours.

The Women’s National Basketball Association will also be using the new area for games.

In addition to the naming rights for the new arena, Amazon has pledged $2 billion to The Climate Pledge Fund to aid with investing in clean energy sources.