While the Covid-19 virus continues to wreak havoc in some areas of the country, others are slowing working their way to a semblance of normalcy including western New York.

Like all places that attracted large crowds, the Buffalo Museum of Science had to close its doors in March.  As phase four of the reopening process begins, the Buffalo Museum of Science is working to reopen its doors by the Fourth of July weekend and be limited to 25 percent capacity.

Once The Museum reopens it will be only on the weekends with just the exhibits on the second floor available to visitors.  However, the interactive exhibits will remain closed for the time being.

One of the exhibits that will be open to visitors is the Golden Mummies of Egypt traveling exhibit.


People have been fascinated by ancient Egypt and Mummies for generations.  Golden Mummies of Egypt features actual Mummies that have existed for hundreds of years.  In Egyptian society only the wealthiest of citizens were mummified upon their death.  It was an arduous and expensive venture that was open to only a few.

The over 100 artifacts and Mummies in the exhibit were taken from the Manchester Museum.  Along with the Mummies encased in gold are films on Egypt and mummification, masks, coffins, sculptures, and jewelry.

Tickets for the Buffalo Science Museum and the Golden Mummies exhibit are available online at https://www.sciencebuff.org/.  The Golden Mummy exhibit requires a separate fee with timed tickets.  Tickets for the exhibit are $19 for adults, $16 for children over the age of two, and $5 for members.  Seniors, students, and members of the Military can purchase tickets with ID from the service desk for $16.  today!