MLB Set to Begin in Late July

After much bickering back and forth between, the owners, player’s association, an Major League Baseball; an agreement has finally been agreed upon.

With a delay of some three months, baseball fans will finally get to watch a game beginning July 23 or 24.  Major League Baseball has decided on a 60 game regular season.

The players are scheduled to report for “spring training” on July 1.  Instead of reporting to their spring training camps in Florida or Arizona, the teams will train in their own ballparks.

This will mark the shortest professional baseball season since 1878.

Teams will be restricted to visiting each city only once and will play their division rivals both in their own leagues and the opposing league – American East vs National East, American Central vs. National Central, and American West vs. National West.

While the teams will be playing, the fans will have to rely on other formats to see the game because fans will not be allowed in the stands.

In other changes, the designated hitter has been expanded to both the American and National Leagues.  Any game that goes into extra innings will begin with a runner standing in scoring position on second base.

In the past teams carried a roster of 25 players.  When the season begins each team will have 30 players, two weeks later that number will be reduced to 28 players, and two weeks later will be reduced again to 26 players where it will stay for the remainder of the season.  With no minor league teams this season, each team can have a squad of up to 60 players where three of the players will be allowed to travel with the teams; one of the three traveling players must be a catcher.

A proposal has been made to expand the playoff teams but at the moment it remains at 10 teams.

With the season beginning so late, the deadline for trading players has been extended to August 31.  The deadline for a player to be eligible for postseason play has been extended to September 15.

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